Dr. Sean Ryan Breckling
Postdoctoral Researcher

I’m a fairly-recent graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. There, I completed a Ph.D. in applied mathematics under Dr. Monika Neda. I'm also a US Air Force veteran (2004-2008).

My research interests, broadly-stated, include topics in numerical analysis, scientific computing, and computational fluid dynamics. To be more specific, I’m interested in techniques used to approximate turbulent flow regimes, and how sensitive these models are to perturbations of their tuning parameters. The class of models I have the most experience with are large eddy simulation models (LES), which are widely applied in engineering and atmospheric sciences.


S. Breckling, M. Neda, and T. Hill, A Review of Time Relaxation Methods, FLUIDS. 2017; 2,40. (Accepted 2017, Published 2017)

S. Breckling, and M. Neda Numerical study of the Navier–Stokes-α deconvolution model with pointwise mass conservation, International Journal of Computer Mathematics, pp 1-34 (Accepted 2016, Published 2017)

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