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John Alex Jordan is an NC3 Education Teaching Fellow at the Louisiana Tech Research Institute (LTRi), a non-profit division that connects Louisiana Tech University with the Department of Defense. He chaperons the evolution and instruction of the Nuclear Command, Control, and Communication 200 course and contributes to NC3 150/300/400 expounding on the fundamentals of Nuclear Command and Control operations.

John Alex retired from the Air Force after over 20 years engrossed in the operational world of Joint Nuclear Command and Control for US Strategic Command and United States Air Force, Europe. He was the procedural subject matter expert in Raytheon War studies covering both conventional and nuclear warfare. In charge of NC2 Training at the inception of Air Force Global Strike Command, he authored numerous policy and procedures at the Combatant Command and Major Command level merging Air Force Space and Air Combat Command operations. He also co-wrote an entirely new Command and Control career field Specialty Knowledge Test for Professional Military Education as well as wrote the training chapters for the revival of their 7-level Career Development Course. As the Senior Force Status Manager aboard the Joint Nuclear Airborne Command Post, he facilitated the assimilation and re-certification of the Nuclear Planning and Execution System between upgraded mobile assets.

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