Capt Dustin S. Cochran

Captain Dustin Cochran is a course instructor assigned to the Air Force Institute of Technology School of Systems and Logistics, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.  He teaches the Fundamentals of Acquisition Management (FAM) 104 course.  FAM 104 is the initial skills training course for 61C/61D/62E/63A acquisition officers. This class covers fundamental project management skills such as Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), Project Scheduling, Contracting, Earned Value Management, Cost Estimating, and Risk Management.  FAM 104 also targets a breadth of acquisition areas such as: Defense Acquisition System (DAS), Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS), Planning/Programming/Budgeting/Execution (PPBE), Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Foreign Military Sales, and more.

His previous assignment was with the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile Program at Eglin AFB, FL where he was the program manager for the flight termination system.  While assigned to Eglin, he led the Return to Flight Team where he was responsible for planning, qualifying, and obtaining approval of the telemetry instrumentation kit and flight termination battery.  Additionally, he was responsible for leading the development and fielding of a GPS receiver update for crypto key data processors to defeat cyber threats.  Lastly, he was responsible for creating a comprehensive joint acquisition strategy with the Department of the Navy for flight termination batteries.


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