Major Timothy S. Wolfe, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

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Comm: 937-656-5564
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Teaching Timeline

EENG 596: Integrated Circuit Technology; FA21, FA23 


EENG 717: Advanced Topics in Microelectronics; SP22 


CSCE 554: Fundamentals of Performance Analysis and Experimental Design; SU22 


EENG 576: Microwave Circuits; FA22 


EENG 625: Antennas I; WI23, WI24


EENG 631: Adv. Antennas (Antennas II); SP23, SP24


EENG 700: Sem. in Remote Sensing and Communications; (All quarters since FA21) 


EENG 040: Analytical Tools for Electromagnetics; September 2022, 2023 


EENG 070: Quantum Mechanics Refresher; September 2021, 2022, 2023 


EENG 899: Special Study (Computational EM); FA23 


WKSME 101: Microelectronics 101 for Technical Analysts; June 2022, 2023, 2024 

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