Dr. Alfred E. Thal Jr., PhD, Associate Professor of Engineering Management

Lt Col, USAF (Retired)

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PhD   Environmental Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 1999
MS    Engineering Management, Air Force Institute of Technology, 1985
BS     Civil Engineering, Texas Tech University, 1981


2015 Management Instructor of the Year, Sigma Iota Epsilon, Sigma Beta Chapter

Chun, W., P.P. Feng, A.E. Thal., Jr., and A.B. Badiru, “Life-Cycle Assessment of LEED vs. Conventionally Constructed Residential Units,” Industrial and System Engineering Research Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 18-22, 2013. Finalist for Best Paper Award in Engineering Management Track

Ochs*, K.S., M.E. Miller, and A.E. Thal, Jr., “Time Valued Technology: Evaluating Infrastructure Replacement with Rapidly Emerging Technology,” Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Orlando, Florida, May 19-23, 2012. Best Paper Award in Engineering Economy Track

Valencia*, V.V., J.M. Colombi, A.E. Thal, Jr., and W.E. Sitzabee, “Asset Management: A Systems Perspective,” Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Reno, Nevada, May 21-25, 2011. Finalist for Best Paper Award in Engineering Management Track

Csoma*, E., and A.E. Thal, Jr., “Incorporating the Technology Transition Manager in Project Management,” Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Reno, Nevada, May 21-25, 2011. Finalist for Best Paper Award in Engineering Management Track

Lee, S.M., A.E. Thal, Jr., E.J. Unger, and E.D. White III, “Daylighting Strategies: Economic Analysis and Life-Cycle Cost Modeling,” American Society of Engineering Management, Rogers, Arkansas, October 13-16, 2010. Merritt A. Williamson Best Conference Paper Award


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1.   Holt, D.T., D.R. Self, A.E. Thal, Jr., and S.W. Lo*, “Facilitating Organizational Change: A Test of Leadership Strategies,” Leadership and Organizational Development Journal, 24(5): 262-272, 2003.

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