Department of Systems Engineering & Management

Department of Systems Engineering & Management
Welcome to the Department of Systems Engineering and Management. Our faculty posses a diverse set of expertise across multiple disciplines including engineering, management, environmental science, information sciences, and finance. This quality uniquely enables our department to address and solve interdisciplinary problems that are present in the United States Air Force, sister services, and the Department of Defense at large. We provide value to our stakeholders through the defense-focused education to develop our next generation leaders. We are proactive in developing relationships and seeking consulting and research engagements across the Department of Defense. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to offering degree programs that prepare the next generation of defense and industry analysts and leaders, creating cutting edge knowledge that contributes to solving the major problems facing modern society focusing on the defense of that society, responding to the needs of all of our customers and research partners, and providing an environment of rigor and mentorship that fosters academic excellence. We invite you to visit our website periodically to learn about the exciting new developments happening here in the Department of Systems Engineering and Management.
We are always seeking top-quality graduate students interested in obtaining a degree in the exciting fields of Systems Engineering, Engineering and Technology Management, and Environmental Engineering and Science. Military personnel as well as US citizen civilians are students in our department. Elsewhere on this website are descriptions of the degree programs we offer. All our programs share a common element: a project or research-based experience. Alumni are strongly encouraged to keep in touch with us and visit the department.
We are also seeking defense and industrial partners who want to have access to the latest developments in the fields of Systems Engineering, Engineering and Technology Management, and Environmental Engineering and Science. We have a varied and active portfolio of project and research engagements which involve the faculty, students, research centers, and laboratories.
We hope your visit to our website helps you learn more about our people, research, and programs. We look forward to hearing from you.
Michael R. Grimaila, Ph.D., CISM, CISSP
Professor and Department Head,
Department of Systems Engineering and Management
Air Force Institute of Technology
The Systems Engineering Research and Analysis Group (SERAG) is an outreach activity providing systems-based research and analysis support for Air Force organizations. The SERAG operates with the expertise within the depart-ment& rsquo s faculty, as well as create collaborative opportuni-ties across the Graduate School of Engineering and Management.
==> The SERAG has transitioned basic research into exploratory development in the areas of:
====3D Radar Displays for Air Traffic Controllers
====UAS Technologies
====Illumination Technology for Water Purification
====Quantum Key Distribution M& S Framework
The SERAG maintains a comprehensive repository of systems engineering case studies which can be downloaded from this site.
Click here to access the systems engineering case studies download area.
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