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MS Thesis Advised

Brian McFeeters, “The A-X emission spectrum of iodine monofluoride – Analyses of vibrational and rotational structure,” June 1986: Research Advisor, Department of Chemistry, University of New Mexico.

Tim Shadid, “Analysis and interpretation of ion data associated with neutral gas releases in the earth’s ionosphere,” December 1995.

David Byers, “Investigation of Ba, BaO, Sr, and SrO pulsed laser-induced vapor plumes in N2, O2, microwave discharged O2, and vacuum at low laser fluence,” December 1996.

Leonard Berman, “Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy on solution samples using surface excitation,” December 1996.

John Cornicelli, “Collisional broadening of spectral lines in the A-band of O2 and the first vibrational band of NO by the noble gases,” December 1997.

Jay Foil, “Use of diffuse reflectance spectroscopy to determine desorption coefficients of trichloroethylene from powdered soils,” March 1999.

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