Dr. Scott R. Graham, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

Cyber Operations Curriculum Manager

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Comm: 937-255-3636 x4581
DSN: 785-3636 x4581
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MS Thesis Advised

  1. Capt Luis A. Cintron, Modeling a Consortium-based Distributed Ledger Network for Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure", Graduated March 2019
  2. 2Lt Kenneth L. Hacker, Preserving Privacy in Automotive Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems", Graduated March 2019
  3. 1Lt Daryl W. Schmitt, “A Framework for Cyber Vulnerability Assessments of InfiniBand Networks", Graduated March 2019
  4. Capt Rahn M. Lassiter, “Physical Layer Discrimination of Electronic Control Units Using Wired Signal Distinct Native Attribute (WS-DNA) Fingerprints", Graduated March 2019
  5. Capt Karl C. Bentjen, “Mitigating the Effects of Cyber Attacks and Human Control in an Autonomous Intersection”, Graduated March 2018
  6. 2Lt Daniel J. Celebucki, “Methods of Reverse Engineering a Bitstream for Field Programmable Gate Array Protection”, Graduated March 2018
  7. Mr. Jacob W. Connors, “Assessing the Competing Characteristics of Privacy and Safety within Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks”, Graduated March 2018
  8. Capt Clark L. Wolfe, “Securing Data in Transit Using Two-Channel Communication”, Graduated March 2018
  9. Ms. L. Elaine Dazzio, “Statistically Modeling Fuel Consumption with Heteroscedastic Data”,  Graduated June 2017
  10. 2Lt Patrick E. Reber, “A Comprehensive Security Analysis of, and an Implementation Framework for, Embedded Software Attestation Methods Leveraging FPGA-based System-on-a-Chip Architectures”, Graduated March 2017
  11. Capt Eddie K. Caberto, “Securing CAN in Vehicles via Packet Switched Network Segregation”, Graduated March 2017
  12. Capt Travis S. Potthoff, “A Proof-of-Concept for Software-Only Attestation on Real-Time Systems using von Neumann Architecture and Dynamic Memory Allocation”, Graduated March 2017
  13. 2Lt Mark Coyne, “Hot Swapping Protocol Implementations in the OPNET Modeler Development Environment”, Graduated March 2008
  14. Capt Bo Yeon Jang (ROK), “An Investigation into the Advantages, Mechanisms, and Developmental Challenges of Scripted. Mobile Routing”, Graduated March 2008
  15. 1Lt Anthony Otto, Scripted Mobile Network Routing in a Contested Environnment”, Graduated March 2008
  16. 1Lt Kevin Savidge, “Priority Based Buffering Over Multiple Lossy Links Using TCP Aware Link Layer Buffering”, Graduated March 2008
  17. Maj Duane Harmon, “Overcoming TCP Degradation in the Presence of Multiple Intermittent Link Failures Utilizing Intermediate Buffering”, Graduated March 2007
  18. Capt Hueng Soon Park (ROK), “Effective Mobile Routing Through Dynamic Addressing”, Graduated March 2007
  19. Mr. M. Brent Reynolds, “Mitigating TCP Degradation over Intermittent Link Failures using Intermediate Buffers”, Graduated June 2006
  20. 2Lt Andrew S. Crockford, “Exploiting Semi-Directional Transceivers for Localization in Communication Systems”, Graduated March 2006
  21. Maj Alexander I. Smith, “A Framework for Routing and Topological Decision-Making Within a Transformational Communications Architecture”, Graduated June 2005
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