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Dr. Christopher A. Rice currently serves as a Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).  He earned his B.S. from Cedarville University in Electrical Engineering, his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from AFIT, and his Ph.D. in Optical Sciences and Engineering, also from AFIT.  Dr. Rice is interested in topic areas related to high energy lasers, remote sensing, laser lethality, and optical diagnostics.  His work on specific research topics currently include atmospheric propagation of high energy lasers; diode pumped alkali and rare gas laser gain cell construction; novel laser demonstration; aerosol field measurements; modeling, simulation, & validation of directed energy simulations; pulsed laser ablation of titanium and carbon; and new techniques of turbulence characterization over open paths.


PhD, Optical Science and Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology, 2012

MS, Electrical Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology, 2006

BS, Electrical Engineering, Cedarville University, 2004




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