Dr. Christine Schubert Kabban, Professor of Statistics

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Comm: 255-3636 x4549
DSN: 785-3636
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PhD Dissertations Advised


Title: Cost and Accuracy Comparisons in Medical Testing Using Sequential Testing Strategies, Anwar Ahmed, Dept of Biostatistics, SOM VCU


Title:  Topics in Statistical Calibration, Brandon Greenwell, Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, AFIT

Title: Statistical Inference On Optimal Points To Evaluate Multi-state Classification Systems, Katherine Batterton, Dept of Mathematics and Stat, AFIT


Title:  Testing the Adequacy of a Semi-Markov Process, Richard Seymour, Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, AFIT


Title: A Statistical Approach to Characterize and Detect Degradation within the Barabasi-Albert Network, Fairul Mohd-Zaid, Dept of Math&Stats, AFIT

Title: Synergistic Effects of Phase Folding and Wavelet Denoising with Applications in Light Curve Analysis, Andrew Armstrong, Dept of Math&Stats, AFIT

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