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MS Thesis Advised

Wilson, Kody, "Non-destructive Techniques for Classifying Aircraft Coating Degradation", AFIT-ENP-MS-15-M-88.

Negrette Fernandez, Jose, "Broadband Modulation Spectrsoscopy Simulation and Demonstration", AFIT-ENP-14-M-26.

Tervo, Ryan, "Comparative analysis of reconstructed image quality in a simulated chromotomograph?ic imager", AFIT-ENP-14-M-35.

Dufaud, Kyle, "An Experimental Evaluation of Image Quality for Various Scenarios in a Chromotomographic System with a Spinning Prism", AFIT-


Martin, Jacob, "Passive Ranging Using a Dispersive Spectrometer and Optical Filters", AFIT-ENP-12-D-02.

Vincent, R. Anthony, "Passive Ranging of Dynamic Rocket Plumes Using Infrared and Visible Oxygen Attenuation", AFIT/GAP/ENP/11-M11.

MacDonald, Douglas, "Passive Ranging Using Infrared Atmospheric Attenuation", AFIT/GAP/ENP/10-M09

O'Dell, Daniel, "Development and Demonstration of a Field-Deployable Fast Chromotomographic Imager", AFIT/GEO/ENP/10-M01

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