Daniel L. Felker, PhD

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Comm: (937) 255-3636 x7410
DSN: 785-7410
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PhD Analytical Chemist 2005 Kansas State University



AFIT Civilian Employee of the Quarter (Category II) for the second quarter of 2013



Bone 53(2), 421-429



Felker D.L, Sherwood P.M.A.,.Zinc Phosphate (Zn3(PO4)2) by XPS: Surface Science Spectra2002

Felker D.L, Sherwood P.M.A.,.Magnesium Phosphate (Mg3(PO4)2) by XPS: Surface Science Spectra2002

Stahler, A.C., Monahan, J.L., Dagher, J.M., Baker, J.D., Markopoulos, M.M., Iragena, D.B., NeJame, B.M., Slaughter, R., Felker, D., Burggraf, L.W., Isaac, L.A.C., Grossie, D., Gagnon, Z.E., Sizemore, I.E.P. (2013) "Evaluating the Abnormal Ossification in Tibiotarsi of Developing Chick Embryos Exposed to 1.0 ppm Doses of Platinum Group Metals by Spectroscopic Techniques,"

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