Dr. Carl R. Hartsfield

Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering

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Courses for 2021-2022 Academic Year

ASYS 631 – Spacecraft Systems Engineering

This course provides a detailed introduction to the design of complex space systems. The key elements and subsystems of several important classes of space systems are presented. The systematic approach necessary to effectively design space systems is illustrated through case studies. Individual or group design projects are conducted and presented.

MENG 530 – Chemical Rocket Propulsion

Development of performance parameters, analyses of combustion, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer as they pertain to rocket engines and motors, comparison of propellants, and analysis of simple rocket flight and staging.

MENG 531 – Space Propulsion and Power Systems

Concept, theory, and performance of chemical and nonchemical propulsion systems for use in space. Typical Systems will include electrical, nuclear, liquid propellant, and exotic space propulsion systems. Concept, theory and performance of power generation methods in space. Systems studied will include low and high power systems intended for short term or long term applications. Chemical, solar and nuclear devices and the energy conversion means for converting energy from these sources into useful electrical power will be studied. An overview of space mission requirements and how they impact propulsion and power system selection. Review of current and future trends in spacecraft propulsion and power generation.

Other Courses Previously Taught

AERO 500 – Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering

Introduction to fluid mechanics, airfoil and wing aerodynamics, steady and accelerated aircraft performance, and stability and control. Permission of Instructor. Not open to graduates of an Aeronautical Engineering Program.

AERO 520 – Viscous Flow Theory

Derivation of the Navier-Stokes equations. Exact solutions of the N-S equations, similarity variables. Boundary layer equation, Falkner-Skan solutions, momentum-integral methods. Factors affecting transition; turbulent boundary layers.

AERO 685 – Aerospace System Design

Team design project of an aircraft in response to a Request-For Proposal. Design methodology focuses on a military need and incorporates performance, cost supportability, deployment, manufacturing, product quality and environmental considerations. The project draws on all of the aeronautical core disciplines and provides students experience in applications of such disciplines to military aircraft design.

ASYS 640 – Aircraft Combat Survivability

Introduction into aircraft combat survivability engineering and effects of conventional weapons on aircraft systems. Probability theory, radar fundamentals, infrared fundamentals, counter- measures, weapons effects.

MENG 501 – Aerospace Propulsion

This course provides the student with an understanding of the essential elements of airbreathing and non-air breathing propulsion systems. Covered are basic principles of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics applied to the analysis of on-design and off-design performance of turbojet systems (turbojet, turbofan, turboprop), to performance parameters of ramjet and scramjet engines and to fundamentals of chemical and non-chemical rocket propulsion. Performance trade-offs are reviewed relative to military applications.

MENG 571 – Fundamentals of Heat Transfer

Course will cover the fundamentals of conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer. The derivation and solution of the general heat conduction equation for one- and two- dimensional, steady and unsteady conduction problems will be covered. Solution techniques will be studied for forced convection in laminar and turbulent flows on internal and external surfaces. Lastly, an introduction to general radiation with solutions to relevant situations is included.


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