Lt Col Jason R. Anderson

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Military Deputy Head

Program Chair, Operations Management

Helped develop faculty to become more knowledgeable in the nuclear enterprise by reaching out to organizations that provide formal education on such topics (Nuke 200 AU, and SPATZ center for development).

Created, organized, and ensuring that the right faculty are in these programs or taking visits to the respective depot or site to provide additional information to these IDE students.

Changed courses for SANDS to help provide the best content for the students and develop the most educated students for GSC.  *Currently revised 3 courses and changed 1 course completely.

POC for AMC Chief Scientist Visit.  Coordinating visit and all briefings and meetings.

POC for ACC IDE stand-up program.  Created needed documentation and information to leadership about potential way ahead for a new IDE program.

POC for new IDE Space Program.

Realigned personnel issues that exist for both ASAM and SANDS.  Worked with respective commanders to ensure that proper placement of students in the AFIT manning document occurs so that the command does not lose billets (potential loss of 30+ billets to the MAJCOMS that need 0-4).

Changed MOA for GSC and AFIT.  Ensured that AFIT has ADCON of students and GSC has OPCON.  This alleviates any issues should a student get in trouble.  Coordinated with AFPC to ensure proper routing of issues occurs.

Updated MOA for AMC and AFIT

Changed ASC code for ASAM to help structure ASAM more efficiently and help AFPC with coding for that specific degree.

Changed ASC code for SANDS to reflect Operations Management within the Nuclear Enterprise.  Also worked with AFPC to ensure these students are tracked and the best method to track them given their ASC code.

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