Department of Operational Sciences

Department of Operational Sciences

Our department offers world-class graduate programs in Operations Research, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, and Operations Management. We are one of six cutting-edge departments in the graduate school offering exciting and relevant education at AFIT.

Our faculty is comprised of experts in all major areas of operations research and logistics management. Their research has been substantially funded by Department of Defense, government, and industry sources. Members of the department hold PhD’s, and are recognized leaders in the advancement of the methodology and application of operations research and logistics management.

Our department strives to assist our students with any problems or concerns they may have as a result of their studies at AFIT. Please contact our Training Administrator for any academic program needs you may have.


Welcome to our department website! Like our school, it is always changing. We invite you to visit our website periodically to learn about the exciting new developments happening here in the Department of Operational Sciences.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to offering degree programs that prepare the next generation of defense and industry analysts and leaders, creating cutting edge knowledge that contributes to solving the major problems facing modern society focusing on the defense of that society, responding to the needs of all of our customers and research partners, and providing an environment of rigor and mentorship that fosters academic excellence.

We are always seeking top-quality graduate students interested in obtaining a degree in the exciting fields of operations research and logistics / supply chain management. Military personnel as well as US citizen civilians are students in our department. Elsewhere on this website are descriptions of the degree programs we offer. All our programs share a common element: a project or research-based experience. Alumni are strongly encouraged to keep in touch with us and visit the department.

We are also seeking defense and industrial partners who want to have access to the latest developments in the fields of operations research and logistics / supply chain management. We have a varied and active portfolio of project and research engagements which involve the faculty, students, laboratories, and our Center for Operational Analysis. There is more about each of those on this website.

We hope your visit to our website helps you learn more about our people, research, and programs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Joseph J. Pignatiello, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor and Department Head,
Department of Operational Sciences
Air Force Institute of Technology