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Comm: (937) 255-3636 x4524
DSN: (937) 785-3636 x4524
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  1. Herr, N. C., A. E. Gonzales, and G. P. Perram. “Kinetics, evolving thermal properties, and surface ignition of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite during laser-induced decomposition,” Polym. Degrad. Stab. Vol. 152, pp. 147-161 (2018).
  2. Gonzales, A. E., N. C. Herr, and G. P. Perram. “Experimental study of laser irradiated graphite oxidation using IFTS,” Combust. Flame Vol. 192, pp. 180-189 (2018).
  3. Phillips, G. T., W. A. Bauer, C. D. Fox, A. E. Gonzales, N. C. Herr, R. C. Gosse, and G. P. Perram. “Mass removal by oxidation and sublimation of porous graphite during fiber laser irradiation,”Opt. Eng. 56(1), 011013 (2016).
  4. Herr, N.C., M. A. Marciniak, A. G. Li, and L. W. Burggraf. “Bidirectional reflectance distribution of a 2D thin-film photonic crystal pattered using an atomic-force microscope,” Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 7792, 77920H (2010).
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