Dr. Christopher M. Chini, Ph.D

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Comm: 937-255-3636 x4568
DSN: 785-3636 x4568
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MS Thesis Advised

  • Capt Dylan Bechen, 2022, “Hydrologic Profiles and Geospatial Trend Analysis Evaluating Recurrent Flooding at Coastal U.S. Air Force Installations.”
  • 1 Lt Ashton Doyal, 2022, “Prioritizing Water Distribution Network Asset Maintenance Using Graph Theory Methods.”
  • 2 Lt Kevin Hansen, 2022, “Developing Water Security Plans for Air Force Installations to Address Water Scarcity.”
  • Capt Gregory Howland, 2022, “A Critical Review of Climate Change on Coastal Infrastructure Systems.”
  • Capt Jedediah Langlois, 2022, “Climate Change Risk to Coastal Airfield Stormwater Systems.”
  • Capt Zachary Moer*, 2022, “A United States Air Force Site Selection Methodology in a Contested Agile Combat Employment Environment.”
  • 1 Lt David N. Robinson, 2022, “Burn Probability and Climate Change: A Quantitative Evaluation of the Temporal Alterations of Wildfire.”
  • Capt Erica Sadowski*, 2022, “Efficiency Mapping and Determination of Reliability, Resiliency and Vulnerability of Atmospheric Water Generators in the United States.”
  • 1 Lt. Kelsie Crouch, 2021, “Evaluation of efficient water reuse technologies for sustainable forward operating bases.”
  • Capt. Tyler Ferry, 2021, “Conversion from coal to natural gas at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base: An analysis and case study.”
  • 2 Lt. Jacob Hyman, 2021, “An Analysis of the Air Force Installation Development Plan and Its Energy Benchmarking Effectiveness.”
  • 1 Lt John Pollock, 2021, “Water Security at United States Air Force Installations.”
  • 1 Lt. Louis Zib, 2021, “Operational carbon footprint of the U.S. water sector’s energy consumption.
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