Lt Col Anthony L. Franz

Assistant Professor of Physics

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Ph.D. in Physics, University of Maryland-College Park, College Park, MD, 2007. Dissertation: Dynamics and Synchronization of Nonlinear Oscillators with Time Delays: A Study with Fiber Lasers.

M.S. with a major in Engineering Physics, Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, 1997. Thesis: Time Resolved Photoluminescence Spectra of a Mid-Infrared Multiple Quantum Well Semiconductor Laser.

B.S. in Physics, United States Air Force Academy, CO, 1992.


1. AETC Outstanding Scientist and Engineer, senior military category, 2014

2. ENP Outstanding Science and Engineering Educator, 2014

3. Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics Graduate Student Seminar award for the best seminar of the semester, May 2007.

4. John T. McGrath award for best junior faculty member in the Department of Physics, USAF Academy, 2003.


4. L. Habash Krause, A. Franz, A. Stevenson. On the application of Exploratory Data Analysis for characterization of space weather data sets. Advances in Space Research 47, 2199 (2011).

3. A. L. Franz, R. Roy, L. B. Shaw, and I. B. Schwartz. Effect of Multiple Time Delays on Intensity Fluctuation Dynamics in Fiber Ring Lasers. Physical Review E 78, 016208 (2008).

2. A. L. Franz, R. Roy, L. B. Shaw, and I. B. Schwartz. Changing Dynamical Complexity with Time Delay in Coupled Fiber Laser Oscillators. Physical Review Letters 99, 053905 (2007).

1. D. J. Knipp, E. T. Patterson, A. L. Franz, J. H. Head, T. A. Summers, and E. L. Zirbel. Simulating Realistic Satellite Orbits in the Undergraduate Classroom. The Physics Teacher 43, 452 (2005).


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