Dr. Matthew J. Robbins, Professor of Operations Research

Dr. Matthew JD Robbins is a Professor of Operations Research in the Department of Operational Sciences, Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT). His research focuses on the advancement of operations research and artificial intelligence techniques for solving computational stochastic optimization problems. In particular, Dr. Robbins is interested in the design, development, and testing of approximate dynamic programming and reinforcement learning algorithms that utilize simulation, mathematical programming, statistical machine learning, and design of experiment techniques to solve large-scale sequential decision-making problems under uncertainty. His applied research interests involve problems related to defense, to include the dispatch of medical evacuation assets, the routing of military distribution assets, the control of autonomous mobile sensors and weapons systems, and the management of workforce systems. He currently serves as an associate editor for the journals Military Operations Research and Naval Research Logistics. He also serves as an elected council member of the INFORMS Military and Security Society.


Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois, 2010

Advisor: Sheldon H. Jacobson

(IIE Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award - 1st Place)

M.S., Operations Research, Air Force Institute of Technology, 2005

(Distinguished Graduate)

B.S., Computer Systems Engineering, University of Arkansas, 1999


2019 Best Paper Award, Omega - The International Journal of Management Science (jointly awarded for work with co-author Brian J. Lunday)

2018  Richard H. Barchi Prize, Military Operations Research Society (jointly awarded for work with co-authors Phillip R. Jenkins, Nathaniel D. Bastian, and Brian J. Lunday)

2014  Outstanding Young Member Award, INFORMS Cincinnati-Dayton Chapter

2011  Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award  -  First Place, Institute of Industrial Engineers

2005  Distinguished Graduate, Master of Science in Operations Research Graduate Program, Air Force Institute of Technology,

2005  Inductee, Omega Rho International Honor Society for OR/MS

2000  Distinguished Graduate, USAF Intelligence Officer School


Google Scholar Page

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* denotes MS student author.

^ denotes PhD student author.

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