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Coast Guard Academy Plasma Lab (CGAPL): 2009 – Present

 [Director] CGAPL lab is a nexus for problem posed hands-on undergraduate exploratory pedagogy. The focus is on magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) physics theory applications to Coast Guard missions, where investigations into plasma physics experiments vital to the identification and conception of solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s scientific challenges are explored. The Physics Section at the US Coast Guard Academy (CGA) currently utilizes 5 active undergraduate students (cadets). Secured and managed a yearly $67k budget ($38K grant - $24.9k other sources); Lab to date has secured over $810K in funds and nonmonetary resources.

 USCG Command and Control Engineering Center: 2000-2002

Project Engineer for Nationwide Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) project, a multi-federal agency public safety initiative; including Reference Station (RefSta) & Integrity Monitors (IntMon) Receiver Issues and numerous projects to meet broadcast availability and performance requirements.

 Mode Control, Resistive Wall Mode Physics on HBT-EP: 2005 – 2010

 Ph.D. Dissertation Research and Subsequent Collaboration. It is widely accepted among fusion scientists that an advanced tokamak (AT) scenario is one of the most promising prospects for tokamak fusion energy plants. The physics of the dissipation responsible for rotational stabilization of the resistive wall kink mode (RWM) and for various non-ideal effects of long-wavelength magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) continues to be a subject of current research. Neutral damping effects on long wavelength external modes could also be responsible for the dissipation observed during transient resonant MHD experiments on HBT-EP.

 National Science Foundation: 1999

 Statistical analyses of grant demographics; determining who was awarded what from where and how often to the Probability and Statistics versus straight Mathematics.

 National Air and Space Administration (Goddard Space Flight Facility): 1998-1999

 Assist the Space Science Data Operation's Physicists in data analysis and dissemination to investigate magnetic field line reconnection and the precipitation of particles from the magnetosphere. Developing Fortran, IDL, and HTML code to create over three thousand plasma flow 2-D (VF) data plots (that we call ‘Hawksum’ plots) based on the Hawkeye Spacecraft's low energy proton-electron differential energy analyzer (LEPEDEA).


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