Lt Col Kyle E. Fitch, PhD

Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Science

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Comm: 9372556565 x 4518
DSN: 7856565 x 4518
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Fitch, K. E., Hang, C., Talaei, A., and T. J. Garrett (2021). Arctic observations and numerical simulations of surface wind effects on Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera measurements. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 14(2), 1127-1142.

Dunnavan, E. L., Jiang, Z., Harrington, J. Y., Verlinde J., Fitch, K. E., and T. J. Garrett (2019). The shape and density evolution of snow aggregates. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 76(12), 3919-3940.

Fitch, K. E., Hutchison, K. D., Bartlett, K. S., Wacker, R. S., and K. C. Gross (2016). Assessing VIIRS cloud base height products with data collected at the Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement sites. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 37(11), 2604-2620.

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