Dr. Anthony L. Franz

Research Assistant Professor of Physics

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Comm: 937-255-3636 x4429
DSN: 255-3636 x4429
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[7] Carlos D. Diaz, Anthony L. Franz, and Michael A. Marciniak, "Spatial resolution comparison of a diffractive plenoptic camera and an intermediate image diffractive plenoptic camera", Optical Engineering 58(12), 123102, 24 December 2019

[6] Jack A. Shepherd, Anthony L. Franz, "Evaluation of plenoptic algorithm performance for measuring scene spectra captured by a diffractive plenoptic camera", Proc. SPIE 10669, Computational Imaging III, 1066909, 14 May 2018

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[4] L. Habash Krause, A. Franz, A. Stevenson, "On the application of Exploratory Data Analysis for characterization of space weather data sets", Advances in Space Research 47, 2199, 2011

[3] A.L. Franz, R. Roy, L. B. Shaw, and I. B. Schwartz, "Effect of Multiple Time Delays on Intensity Fluctuation Dynamics in Fiber Ring Lasers", Physical Review E 78, 016208, 2008

[2] A.L. Franz, R. Roy, L. B. Shaw, and I. B. Schwartz, "Changing Dynamical Complexity with Time Delay in Coupled Fiber Laser Oscillators", Physical Review Letters 99, 053905, 2007

[1] D. J. Knipp, E. T. Patterson, A.L. Franz, J. H. Head, T. A. Summers, and E. L. Zirbel, "Simulating Realistic Satellite Orbits in the Undergraduate Classroom", The Physics Teacher 43, 452, 2005


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