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MS Thesis Advised


  1. Capt Stephen Donnel:  Exploring the Limits of Strategic Thought:  Evaluating how Different Communication Modalities Affect the Nature of Strategic Decision-Making using Cognitive Hierarchy, Mar 2021.
  2. CPT Andrew Wilson:  Defensive Counterair for Air Base Air Defense using Directed Energy and Kinetic Energy Weapons, Mar 2021.
  3. Capt Andrew Lloyd: Integrated Defense of High Value Airborne Assets:  Rapid Parameterization and Solution of the Static Weapon Target Assignment Problem, Mar 2020
  4. MAJ Edward Park: Global Basing of Air Force Squadrons: an Adversary Containment Model with Solution Resiliency Analyses, Mar 2020
  5. 2d Lt Maxwell Thompson: Database Analysis for Channel Workload Forecasting, Mar 2020
  6. Capt Alec Ferguson: Highway to HELs: Physics-based Optimal Asset Location for High Energy Laser Defense of High Value Assets, Mar 2019
  7. 2d Lt Michael Hughes: Global Shipping Network Resilience: A Port-Based Analysis of USTRANSCOM Shipping Network Vulnerability, Mar 2019
  8. 2d Lt Dylan Hyder: Liner Sustainment Workload Forecasting using Exogenous Data, Mar 2019
  9. CPT George Kilgore: Optimizing Locations for Selected Personnel Recovery Assets in the U.S. Africa Command Area of Responsibility, Mar 2019
  10. 2d Lt Preston Green, Where the HEL?: Optimal Asset Location for High Energy Laser Defense of High Value Assets, Mar 2018
  11. Capt Chelsea Froom, Liner Workload Forecasting Augmented by Non-traditional Data Sources, Mar 2018
  12. Capt Matthew Small, Predicting Global Disposition of U.S. Military Personnel via Open-Source, Unclassified Means, Mar 2018
  13. Ms. Nicole York, Comparing Organizational Structures via Alternative Cooprative Game Theoretic Frameworks, Dec 2017
  14. Capt Randi Williams, Air Defense System Asset Location against a Known Ballistic Missile Threat (LIMITED), Jun 2017
  15. 1Lt William Caballero, On Proportional and Truthful International Alliance Contributions:  an Analysis of Incentive Compatible Cost Sharing. Mechanisms for Burden Sharing, Mar 2017
  16. 2Lt Christiana Fairman,  Intermodal Shipment Planning over the USPACOM Distribution Network: An Analysis of the Tradeoff Space, Mar 2017
  17. 1 Lt Katlyn Schulte, Resilience Analysis of Distributing Networks in Response to Regional Disruption, as Applied to the USPACOM Area of Responsibility, Mar 2017
  18. 2Lt Warren McGriff, Disaggregation of USTRANSCOM Rate Setting Procedures, Mar 2016
  19. MAJ Robert Craig, The Military Theater Distribution Network Design Problem, Mar 2015
  20. CPT Nicholas Paul, Optimizing the Domestic Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Response Enterprise, Mar 2015  Gross Award Nominee, AFIT.


  1. 2 Lt Nicholas Boardman, Heterogeneous Air Defense Battery Location: A Game Theoretic Approach (co-advised with Dr. Matthew J. Robbins), Mar 2016  Dean’s Award Winner, AFIT.
  2. Capt Michael Davis, Determination of Fire Control Policies via Approximate Dynamic Programming (co-advised with Dr. Matthew J. Robbins), Mar 2016  Polk Award Nominee, AFIT.
  3. 2Lt Jacob Forbes, Restoration and Scheduling Decisions for Interdependent Transportation and Communication Networks after an Extreme Event (co-advised with Dr. Sarah G. Nurre), Mar 2015
  4. 2Lt Joseph Han, A Game Theoretic Model for the Optimal Design of an Integrated Air Defense System (co-advised with Dr. Matthew J. Robbins), Mar 2015


  1. 1st Lt Justin Anderson:  Strategic Upgrade Scheduling and Portfolio Management to Fortify Contested Networks, Mar 2021.
  2. Lt Col Joseph Liles:  Improving Air Battle Management Target Assignment Processes via Approximate Dynamic Programming, Mar 2021.
  3. MAJ Camero Song:  Resupply Operations of a Dispersed Infantry Brigade Combat Team Using Approximate Dynamic Programming, Mar 2021.
  4. Maj Sean Danaher: Scheduling Optimization of F-15 Multi-Stage Improvement Program, Mar 2020
  5. Capt Brandon Hufstetler: GPS Receiver Coverage of Bi-static Radar Signals, Mar 2020
  6. Capt Zachary Hornberger: Search and Rescue Operations Forecasting and Optimization, Mar 2019
  7. CPT Travis Cox, The Use of Data Mining and Network Algorithms for Chemical Warfare Agent Interdiction, Mar 2017
  8. MAJ Matthew Ferguson, A Scenario-Based Parametric Analysis of Stable Marriage Approaches to the Army Officer Assignment Problem, Mar 2017
  9. 1Lt Phillip Jenkins, Using Markov Decision Processes with Heterogeneous Queueing Systems to Examine Military MEDEVAC Dispatching Policies, Mar 2017
  10. CPT Alexander Kline, Improved Heuristic Algorithms for the Static Weapon-Target Assignment Problem, Mar 2017
  11. 1Lt Megan Muniz, Analyzing the Critical Supply Chain for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Mar 2017
  12. CPT Daniel Summers, Improving Firing Solutions in a Networked Air Defense Environment, Mar 2017
  13. 1Lt Clay Javid, Assessing the Military Worth of Advanced Capabilities of the Small Advanced Capabilities Missile Through Agent-Based Modeling, Mar 2016
  14. MAJ Nicholas Shallcross, A Logistic Regression / Markov Chain Model for the Prediction of Nation-state Violent Conflicts and Transitions, Mar 2016
  15. MAJ Casey Connors, Agent-based Modeling Methodology for Analyzing Weapons Systems, Mar 2015
  16. 2Lt Rebecca McKenna, Using Approximate Dynamic Programming to Solve the Military Inventory Routing Problem with Direct Delivery, Mar 2015
  17. 1Lt Jessica Morris, An Application of Multi-criteria Shortest Path to a Customizable Hex-Map Environment, Mar 2015
  18. CPT Aaron Rettke, An Approximate Dynamic Programming Model for MEDEVAC Dispatching, Mar 2015
  19. Capt Timothy Frawley, An Application of a Multi-objective Network Model to a Combat Simulation Game:  “The Drive on Metz” Case Study, Mar 2014
  20. Maj Umar Kahn, Optimal Partitioning of a Surveillance Space for Persistent Coverage Using Multiple Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: an Integer Programming Approach, Mar 2014
  21. MAJ Sean Keneally, A Markov Decision Process Model for the Optimal Dispatch of Military Medical Evacuation Assets, Mar 2014
  22. CPT Ian McCormack, The Military Inventory Routing Problem with Direct Delivery, Mar 2014


  • Maj Jonathan Magill, Regionalization of C-17 Home Station Checks, Jun 2014
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