Dr. Brian J. Lunday, Professor of Operations Research

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MS Thesis Advised


  1. Keith Batista: AFIT-ENS-MS-22-M-116 Inverse Optimization: Inferring Unknown Instance Parameters from Observed Decisions, Mar 2022.
  2. Izaiah LaDuke: AFIT-ENS-MS-22-M-142 Optimal Aircraft Maneuvering Models for Cruise Missile Engagement: a Modeling and Computational Study, Mar 2022.
  3. Stephen Donnel:  AFIT-ENS-MS-21-M-155 Exploring the Limits of Strategic Thought:  Evaluating how Different Communication Modalities Affect the Nature of Strategic Decision-Making using Cognitive Hierarchy, Mar 2021.
  4. Andrew Wilson:  AFIT-ENS-MS-21-M-194 Defensive Counterair for Air Base Air Defense using Directed Energy and Kinetic Energy Weapons, Mar 2021.
  5. Andrew Lloyd: AFIT-ENS-MS-20-M-159 Integrated Defense of High Value Airborne Assets:  Rapid Parameterization and Solution of the Static Weapon Target Assignment Problem, Mar 2020
  6. Edward Park: AFIT-ENS-MS-20-M-165 Global Basing of Air Force Squadrons: an Adversary Containment Model with Solution Resiliency Analyses, Mar 2020
  7. Maxwell Thompson: AFIT-ENS-MS-20-M-176 Database Analysis for Channel Workload Forecasting, Mar 2020
  8. Alec Ferguson: AFIT-ENS-MS-19-M-113 Highway to HELs: Physics-based Optimal Asset Location for High Energy Laser Defense of High Value Assets, Mar 2019
  9. Michael Hughes: AFIT-ENS-MS-19-M-124 Global Shipping Network Resilience: A Port-Based Analysis of USTRANSCOM Shipping Network Vulnerability, Mar 2019
  10. Dylan Hyder: AFIT-ENS-MS-19-M-126 Liner Sustainment Workload Forecasting using Exogenous Data, Mar 2019
  11. George Kilgore: AFIT-ENS-MS-19-M-130 Optimizing Locations for Selected Personnel Recovery Assets in the U.S. Africa Command Area of Responsibility, Mar 2019
  12. Preston Green, AFIT-ENS-MS-18-M-124 Where the HEL?: Optimal Asset Location for High Energy Laser Defense of High Value Assets, Mar 2018
  13. Chelsea Froom, AFIT-ENS-MS-18-M-121 Liner Workload Forecasting Augmented by Non-traditional Data Sources, Mar 2018
  14. Matthew Small, AFIT-ENS-MS-18-M-162 Predicting Global Disposition of U.S. Military Personnel via Open-Source, Unclassified Means, Mar 2018
  15. Nicole York, AFIT-ENS-MS-17-D-012 Comparing Organizational Structures via Alternative Cooprative Game Theoretic Frameworks, Dec 2017
  16. Randi Williams, AFIT-ENS-MS-17-J-052 Air Defense System Asset Location against a Known Ballistic Missile Threat, Jun 2017
  17. William Caballero, AFIT-ENS-MS-17-M-117 On Proportional and Truthful International Alliance Contributions:  an Analysis of Incentive Compatible Cost Sharing. Mechanisms for Burden Sharing, Mar 2017
  18. Christiana Fairman,  AFIT-ENS-MS-17-M-126 Intermodal Shipment Planning over the USPACOM Distribution Network: An Analysis of the Tradeoff Space, Mar 2017
  19. Katlyn Schulte, AFIT-ENS-MS-17-M-157 Resilience Analysis of Distributing Networks in Response to Regional Disruption, as Applied to the USPACOM Area of Responsibility, Mar 2017
  20. Nicholas Boardman, AFIT-ENS-MS-16-M-091 Heterogeneous Air Defense Battery Location: A Game Theoretic Approach (co-advised with Dr. Matthew J. Robbins), Mar 2016  Dean’s Award Winner, AFIT.
  21. Michael Davis, AFIT-ENS-MS-16-M-100 Determination of Fire Control Policies via Approximate Dynamic Programming (co-advised with Dr. Matthew J. Robbins), Mar 2016  Polk Award Nominee, AFIT.
  22. Warren McGriff, AFIT-ENS-MS-16-M-118 Disaggregation of USTRANSCOM Rate Setting Procedures, Mar 2016
  23. Robert Craig, AFIT-ENS-MS-15-M-137 The Military Theater Distribution Network Design Problem, Mar 2015
  24. Jacob Forbes, AFIT-ENS-MS-15-M-142 Restoration and Scheduling Decisions for Interdependent Transportation and Communication Networks after an Extreme Event (co-advised with Dr. Sarah G. Nurre), Mar 2015
  25. Chan Han, AFIT-ENS-MS-15-M-123 A Game Theoretic Model for the Optimal Design of an Integrated Air Defense System (co-advised with Dr. Matthew J. Robbins), Mar 2015
  26. Nicholas Paul, AFIT-ENS-MS-15-M-143 Optimizing the Domestic Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Response Enterprise, Mar 2015  Gross Award Nominee, AFIT.


  • Jonathan Magill, AFIT-ENS-GRP-14-J-10 Regionalization of C-17 Home Station Checks, Jun 2014
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