Dr. Brian J. Lunday, Professor of Operations Research

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Comm: 937-255-6565 x4624
DSN: 785-6565 x4624
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PhD Dissertations Advised


  1. Stephen Donnel (2021-2023, projected):  Mosaic Warfare 
  2. Carson Long (2020-2023, projected):  The Temporal Military Route Vulnerability Problem 
  3. Adam Haywood (2018-2021):  AFIT-ENS-DS-21-S-043 Enterprise Resource Allocation for Intruder Detection and Interception 
  4. Michael Hughes (2019-2021): AFIT-ENS-DS-21-S-045 Coordinated, Multiagent Attack Planning for an Anti-access, Area-denial Environment: Frameworks, Models, and Solution Methods 
  5. William Caballero (2016-2019):  AFIT-ENS-DS-19-J-022 Persuasion, Political Warfare, and Deterrence:  Behavioral and Behaviorally Robust Models
  6. Phillip Jenkins (2016-2019):  AFIT-ENS-DS-19-J-037 Strategic Location and Dispatch Management of Assets in a Military Medical Evacuation Enterprise (co-advised with Dr. Matthew J. Robbins)
  7. Aaron Lessin (2015-2018):  AFIT-ENS-DS-18-S-035 Multi-level Multi-objective Programming and Optimization for Integrated Air Defense System Disruption
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