Dr. Benjamin T. Hazen Phd, Associate Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Comm: 937-255-3636 x4337
DSN: 785-3636 x4337
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MS Thesis Advised


Capt John D. Atkinson IV, Diffusion of Autonomous Vehicles as an Organizational Innovation, Mar 2017

Capt Greg E. Hoyt, An Investigation Into the Indicators of a Successful Total Force Association, Mar 2017

Capt Gayleen S. A. Lim, Quantifying Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Time Use, Management Perspective, and the Impact of Personnel Availability on Time Distribution (LIMITED), Mar 2017

Capt Aaron T. Vincent, Maintenance Officer Initial Skills Training Timeline, Mar 2017

Maj Charles L. Eichner, Extending Life of Aircraft Through Fleet Management: A Study in C-17 Base and Aircraft Assignments, Jun 2016

Maj Ian Slazinik, Air Mobility Future: Evolving Command and Control Relationships in the Information Age, Jun 2016

George B. Lafiguera, A "Big Bang" versus a "Small Bang" Approach: A Case Study of the Expeditionary Combat Support Systems (ECSS) and the Maintenance, Repair and Overall Initiative (MROi), Mar 2016

Maj Daniel A. Griffith, Epidemiology, Cost and Aircraft Choice for Aeromedical Evacuation in AFRICOM, Mar 2016

Capt Candis A. Woods, Determining the Degree of the Routinization of Additive Manufacturing in the Air Logistics Complexes, Mar 2016

Adrienne L. Stahl, A Survey and Analysis of Aircraft Maintenance Metrics: A Balanced Scorecard Approach, Mar 2014


Maj Jonathan M. French, Organizing Air Force Major Commands for Today's Cybersecurity Challenges, Jun 2017

Maj Taylor S. Rigollet, One Size Does not Fit All: Removing Unnecessary Barriers to Entry in the Pilot Community, Jun 2017

Maj Michael W. Wells, Reduced-Engine Taxi: A Cost-Savings Exploration, Jun 2017

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