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MS Thesis Advised


Capt Naif H. Alatawi, RSAF F-15 Reparable Items Capacity Planning & Execution, Sep 2017

Capt Dominic G. Baker, Determining Field Requirements of the Air Force Supply System: A Delphi Study, Mar 2017

Capt Anton H. Martyn, Long-Term Impacts of Military Drawdown on Industrial Base, Mar 2016

Capt Henry Hughes, A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Spare Parts Inventory Management, Mar 2015

Capt Blake Smith, An Inventory and Safety Stock Analysis of Air Force Medical Service Pharmaceuticals, Mar 2015

Capt Arthur Litchfield III, Optimizing the Disposition and Retrograde of United States Air Force Class VII Equipment from Afghanistan, Mar 2014

Capt Chad Whitson, Strategic Consolidation of Medical War War Reserve Material (WRM) Equipment Unit Type Codes (UTC) Assemblages, Mar 2013

1Lt Serhat Saylam, A Spreadsheet Model That Estimates the Impact of Reduced Distribution Time on Inventory Investment Savings; What Is a Day Taken Out of the Pipeline Worth in Inventory?, Mar 2012

SMSgt Ronald Salazar, The Effect of Supply Chain Management Processes On Competitive Advantage and organizational Performance, Mar 2012

Capt John Perry, The Impact of Supply Chain Business Processes on Competitive Advantage, Mar 2012

Capt Allen Miller, Minuteman III Cost Per Alert Hour Analysis, Mar 2012

Capt Ryan Fisher, A Simulation to Evaluate Joint Military Logistics in A Humanitarian Assistance Environment, Mar 2012

Capt Sungtae Jung, Improving Way of Logistics Management in Korean Army, Mar 2011


Maj Alan K. Louie, Nuclear Wepons Capabilitites Required for the 21st Century (LIMITED), Jun 2017

Maj Brandon Gillet, Cost Comparison of Military Versus Commercial Airlift (LIMITED), Jun 2017

Maj Mark Yarian, Synchronized Stability: A Case Study Investigation of AMC's Stabilized Approach Program, Jun 2014

Maj Matthew Meshanko, Impact of Volcanic Activity on AMC Channel Operations, Jun 2014

Maj Judd Baker, Optimizing C-17 Pacific Basing, Jun 2014

Maj Steven Wick, Incentivizing CRAF Beyond 2014, Jun 2013

Maj Stephen Graham, Aeromedical Evacuation Capacity Analysis for Defense Support of Civil Authorities, Jun 2013

Maj Jeremy Pankoski, A Delphi Study to Determine Variables for Predictive MICAP Modeling, Jun 2013

Maj Brian Smith, C-17 Weapons Instructor Course: Unit Basing to Optimize Operational Efficiency and Mission Effectiveness, Jun 2012

Maj Frederic Oberson, Analysis of CENTCOM Commercial Intra-Theater Airlift Costs, Jun 2012

Maj Frederick Manuel, A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Purchasing More C-27J Aircraft for Direct Support, Jun 2012

Maj Timothy Gonyea, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Savings Potential of Utilizing Multi-Modal transport for Depositioning Cargo in the CONUS, Jun 2012

Ms. Jodi Tinney, The Effects of Supply Chain Orientation, Supply Chain Management, and Collaboration on Perceived Firm Performance, Jun 2012

Maj Nathan Purtle, Modeling the 2008 Manning Study for the 618th Tanker Airlift Control Center (TACC), Jun 2012

Maj Daniel Hervas, Worldwide Express: Exploiting Existing Contract Provisions to Maximize Savings, Jun 2012

Maj Robert Ehasz, Avian Radar - Is It Worth the Cost?, Jun 2012

Maj William Triche, Dual Role Airlift. Free For Service?, Jun 2011

Maj Brian Mayer, Contingency Response Groups: An Analysis of Maintenance Training, Jun 2011

Maj Ronald Llantada, The Effects of Employing HVM on C-130 Aircraft at WR-ALC to Aircraft Availability, Jun 2011

Maj Dan Kliev, Examination of Air Force Crash Damaged or Disabled Aircraft Recovery Program Resourcing, Jun 2011

Maj Todd Jensen, The Impact of Coalition Movements on Airlift Projections, Jun 2011

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