Dr. Adedeji B. Badiru
Dean - Graduate School of Engineering & Management



Comm: 937-255-3636 x4799
DSN: 785-3636 x4799
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Ph.D. (1984), Industrial Engineering, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
Specialization: Computationally-based project systems modeling, management, and control
Ph.D. Advisor: Prof. Gary E. Whitehouse
M.S. (1982), Industrial Engineering, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN
M.S. (1981), Mathematics, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN
B.S. Distinction (1979), Industrial Engineering, Tennessee Technological Univ., Cookeville, TN



·         2013Father D. J. Slattery Excellence Award, Saint Finbarr’s College Alumni Association, North America Chapter, August 31, 2013
·         2013 Award Team Leader, Air Force Organizational Excellence Award for Air University C3 (Cost Conscious Culture), AFIT, Feb 2013.
·         2013 Finalist, Jefferson Science Fellows Program, National Academy of Sciences, Feb 2013.
·         2012 IIE Medallion Award, Institute of Industrial Engineers, May 21, 2012
·         2012 Book of the Month Recognition for Statistical Techniques for Project Control, Institute of Industrial Engineers, May 2012
·         2012 Distinguished Alumni Award, College of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, March 22, 2012.
·         2011 Excellence Recognition Coin from Wing Commander, 689th Combat Communications Wing, Nov 2011
·         2011 Nomination by Women in Operations Research and Management Science (WORMS) for outstanding professional mentorship for career advancement of women, INFORMS, Aug 2011
·         2011 Federal Employee of the Year Award in the Managerial Category, International Public Management Association, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, May 5, 2011.
·         2011 AFIT Graduate School Dean’s Coin Award for Recognition of Exceptional Performance on International Exchange Visit Program, March 2011
·         2011 Commandant’s Recognition Plaque for Superior Service from Nigerian Air Force Institute of Technology, February 2011
·         2010 ASEE John L. Imhoff Global Excellence Award for Industrial Engineering Education, American Society for Engineering Education
·         2010 IIE/Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year Award for “Handbook of Military Industrial Engineering,” Institute of Industrial Engineers.
·         2009 Editor’s Choice Award for “The Physics of Soccer: Using math and science to improve your game,” iUniverse, Inc., November 2009.
·         2009 Book-of-the-Month, “Handbook of Military Industrial Engineering,” IE Magazine, August 2009.
·         2009 Blue Dart Award, Commander’s Academic Recognition, Air Education and Training Command, Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, AL, May 22, 2009.
·         2009 Recipient of Dayton Affiliate Society Council (ASC) Award for Outstanding Scientists and Engineers in the Education category with a commendation from the 128th Senate of Ohio.
·         2009 Wellington Award, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Engineering Economy Division.
·         2008 Edelman Award Laureate, Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS), Baltimore, MD, April 14, 2008.
·         2007 Book-of-the-Month Award for “Industrial Project Management,” IE Magazine, Institute of Industrial Engineers, December 2007.
·         2007 Runner-Up Award, Supervisor of the Year Award sponsored by Federally Employed Women, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, November 2007.
·         2006 Election to Fellow of Nigerian Academy of Engineering, June 2006.
·         2004 UPS Achievement Award for Minority Advancement, Institute of Industrial Engineers in recognition of his national accomplishments in advancing women and minorities in Industrial Engineering profession.
·         2003 GREAT BOSS Excellence Award, Staff, Department of Industrial & Information Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, October 2003
·         2000 Educational Leadership and Service Award, (ROTC) Reserve Officers Training Corps Detachments, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, University of Oklahoma, July 2000
·         1999 Distinguished Alumni Award, Department of Industrial Engineering, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee, April 1999.
·         1998 Administrative Accomplishment Recognition from President of University of Oklahoma, April 98.
·         1998 Distinguished Alumni Award, Saint Finbarr's College Alumni Association, Nigeria.
·         1996 Election to Fellow of Institute of Industrial Engineers
·         1998 Distinguished Professional Achievement Award, Nigerian Eagles Society, New Jersey, Apr 98
·         1996 Outstanding Publication Award, Institute of Industrial Engineers, May 1996
·         1995 Regents' Award for Superior Teaching, University of Oklahoma, April 1995
·         1995 School of IE Outstanding Professor of the Year Award, Univ of Oklahoma, April 1995
·         1995 Lectureship Award, College of Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Aug 1995
·         1994 Eugene L. Grant Award for Best Paper in Volume 38 of The Engineering Economist; awarded by American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
·         1994 Lectureship Award, College of Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Aug 1994
·         1993 College of Engineering Outstanding Professor of the Year, University of Oklahoma, April 1993
·         1993 School of IE Outstanding Professor of the Year Award, Univ of Oklahoma, April 1993
·         1991 Distinguished Professional Achievement Award, Organization of Nigerian Professionals, New Orleans, LA, May 1991
·         1990 Energy Liaison Award, Physical Plant Services, University of Oklahoma, in recognition of energy conservation services, April 1990
·         1990 Summer Session Instructional Award, Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education, Aug 1990
·         1989 Award of Excellence as Oklahoma City Chapter President, Institute of Industrial Engineers, 1989, Oklahoma City, OK
·         1988 Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award, Society of Automotive Engineers, Aug 1988
·         1988 University of Oklahoma Associates Distinguished Lectureship Award, April 1988
·         1988 Finalist Achievement Award, Franz Edelman Management Science Award, The Institute of Management Sciences, with Ravi Ravindran, Bob Foote, L. Leemis, and L. Williams, Aug 1988
·         1987 Faculty Advisor Award, Institute of Industrial Engineers Student Chapter, University of Oklahoma, April 1987



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