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MS Thesis Advised


Maj Rachel Ramirez, Data Mining National park Service Acoustic Data for Predicting Background Noise, Mar 2018

Capt Nolan R. Bet, Examining Disconnects between Air Force Manpower Funding and Manpower Execution, Mar 2018

2Lt Jacob T. Elliott, Air Force Officer Attrition: An Econometric Analysis, Mar 2018

Capt Benjamin W. Benson, An Initial Ambient Noise Database Based on Naational Park Service Data, Mar 2017

Capt Douglas A. Dillard, Reduction Methods of Wind Tunnel Testing Data Requirements, Mar 2017

MAJ Matthew D. Ferguson, A Scenario-Based Parametric Analysis of Stable Marriage Approaches to the Army Officer Assignment Problem, Mar 2017

Capt Courtney N. Franzen, Survival Analysis of US Air Force Rated Officer Retention, Mar 2017

Capt Ryan W. Hutson, Blended Military Retirement and the Potential Impacts on Retention and Recruiting, Mar 2017

Maj Brendan M. O'Neal, Aircraft Availability Metric Refinement Based on a 9-Tiered Sub-Metric Indication, Mar 2017

2Lt Erik B. Schuh, Examining Regionalization Efforts to Develop Lessons Learned and Consideration for Department of Defense Medical Facilities, Mar 2017

Capt Jamie T. Zimmerman, Application of Enlisted Force Retention Levels and Career Field Stability, Mar 2017

Maj Calvin J. Bradshaw, Contingency Workload Demand Forecast Techniques for Cargo and Flying Hours, Mar 2016

2Lt Jacob M. Ehrlich, A Response Surface Validation of a Quantum Key Distribution Model, Mar 2016

1Lt Kiley E. Hefty, Application of Reliability Allocation Principles on Statistical Power, Mar 2016

2Lt Helen L. Jantscher, An Examination of Economic Metrics as Indicators of Air Force Retention, Mar 2016

MAJ Lucas J. Lease, The Impact of Reducing Full Time Support Positions in the U.S. Army National Guard and Reserves, Mar 2016

2Lt Jovan Popovich, A Model of Ambient Noise Caused by Wind Flow, Mar 2016

Capt Alyssa S. Tetrault, The Effects of High Performance Aircraft Respiratory Systems on Pilots, Mar 2016

Maj Christine L. Zens, Application of Non-Rated Line Officer Attrition Levels and Career Field Stability, Mar 2016

Paul T. Gaski, Characterizing and Classifying Acoustical Ambient Sound Profiles, Mar 2015

Jill A. Schofield, Non-Rated Air Force line Officer Attrition Rates using Survival Analysis, Mar 2015

Jeffrey Williams, Acoustic Model Evaluation and Improvement, Mar 2015

Bangart, S., Reliability of Math and Logistic Regression Application Towards Model Validation, Mar 2014

Fett, Garret, March 2014. Aircraft Route Optimization using the A-Star Algorithm, Mar 2014

Garee, M. J., Fragment Capture Simulation for MANPADS Test Arena Optimization, Mar 2014

Guiterrez, R.,  An Acoustical Simulation Model Validation via Sensitivity Analysis with Response Surface Metamodels, Mar 2014

Pierce, T., Assessing Weather Effects on Aircraft Sound Propagation, Jun 2014

Rhoads, J., Linking Programming Decisions to Operational Capability for Depot-Level Programmed Equipment Maintenance, Mar 2014

Russell, B., Capturing Uncertainty in Fatigue Life Data, Jun 2014

Hillman, A., Aerial Refueling Simulator Validation using Operational Experimentation and Response Surface methods with Time Series Responses, Mar 2013

Morrill, D., Overestimating Ballistic Flash with Biased Linear Regression, Mar 2013

Ritter, S. C., An Examination of Statistical Rigor Infused into the KC-46 Flight Test Program, Mar 2013

Williams, K. N., A Benchmarking Study of Air Force Program Manager Competencies, Mar 2012

Peyton, D., Ballistic Flash Characterization of Entry Side Flash, Mar 2012

Wooddell, D. A., Probabilistic Model for Laser Damage to the Human Retina, Mar 2012

Wolf, S. E., Modeling Small Unmanned Aerial System Mishaps using Logistic Regression and Artificial Neural Networks, Mar 2012

Storm, S. M., Evaluating Aerial Refueling Simulator Validation Test Designs y Extending Response Surface Methodology to Analyze Time History Responses, Mar 2012

Koslow, M. J., Ballistic Flash Characterization Penetration and Back-Face Flash, Mar 2012

Chamberlain, C., Analysis of KC-46 Live-Fire Risk Mitigation Program Testing, Mar 2012

Tan, T. T., The In-Transit Vigilant Covering Tour Problem for Routing Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Aug 2012

Haase, C., Tailoring the Experimental Design Process for LVC Experiments, Mar 2011

Hosket, J., A Methodology using Simulation Results for Test and Evaluation, Mar 2011

Talafuse, R., Empirical Characterization of Ballistic Impact Flash, Mar 2011

Davis, K., Verification And Validation Of The Component Cost Assessment Program (Ccap) Model, Mar 2011

Lee, B. M., An Empirical Study of Re-Sampling Techniques as a Method for Improving Error Estimation in Split-Plot Designs, Mar 2010

Garza, R., A Simulation Based Methodology to Examine the B-1B's AN/ALQ-161 Maintenance Process, Mar 2010

Cancino, P., Re-engineering Repair Network Integration Metrics for the B-1B Lancer F-101-GE-102 Engine, Mar 2010

Leggio, D. A., Examining Methods to Reduce Wind Tunnel Test Data Requirements using the Design of Experiments, Mar 2009

Cohen, A., Examining the use of Split-Plot Designs and their Potential Use in Operational Testing, Mar 2009

Marsh, W. E., An Initial Methodology for the Definition and Implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Agent Behaviors, Mar 2007

Hausman, T. E., A User Interface To Support Simulation Analysis Of Multi-Indenture Multiechelon (Mime) Systems, May 2006

Soneji, H., A Comparison of Agent-Based Optimization Approaches Applied to the Weapons to Targets Assignment Planning Problem, Aug 2006

Aleman, R., Application of Multiperiod Generalized Assignment Problem to UAV Planning, Dec 2005

Hiremath, C., Gaining Insights Into Initial Genetic Algorithm Performance On Multi-Dimensional Knapsack Problems Under Varied Parameterizations And Initial Population Compositions, Jun 2004

Gerlach, B., Using Complex Adaptive Systems to Simulate Artificial Asset Markets, Sept 2004

Nallam, V., Performance Modeling of Tactile Displays as a Spatial Disorientation Countermeasure, Oct 2004

Lokesh, S., A Simulation-Based Methodology for Examining the Operational Effectiveness of Agent-Based Technology to Aid Pilots Under Spatial Disorientation, Nov 2004

Nadkarni, B., An Initial Comparative Study of Persistence in Linear Programming and The Stable Marriage Algorithm, Nov 2004

Valayudhan, S. P., Empirical Analysis Of Randomness In Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms Applied To The Traveling Salesman Problem, Nov 2004

Carl, R. G., Search Theory and U-Boats in the Bay of Biscay, 2003

Price, J. E., Game Theory and U-Boats in the Bay of Biscay, 2003

Vigus, S., A Simulation-Based Analysis of the Impact of In-Sourcing a Major Process Element on the Coast Guard, 2003

Miller, B., Auto Carrier Transporter Loading And Unloading Improvement, 2003

Cho, Y. K., Empirical Analysis of Various Multi-Dimensional Knapsack Heuristics, Mar 2002

Dougherty, S. A., An Examination of Latency and Degradation Issues in Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Environments, Mar 2002

Johnstone, D. P., Modeling the Pre-Positioning of Air Force Precision Guided Munitions, 2002

Kaya, I., Modeling Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) in Military Environments, 2002

MacKenna, James A., Requirements-Based Methodology For Determining Age Inventory Level, 2001

Brown, Darin T., Routing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles while Considering General Restricted Operating Zones, 2001

Bulut, Gokay, Robust Multi-Scenario Optimization Of An Air Expeditionary Force Force Structure Applying Scatter Search To The Combat Forces Assessment Model, 2001

Bennett, Barry, Robust Multi-Scenario Optimization of an Air Expeditionary Force Force Structure Applying Genetic Algorithms to the Combat Forces Assessment Model, 2000

Festejo, Reginald, An Analytical Comparison of the Reduced Footprint of the Modular Aircraft Support System (MASS) vs. Current Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE), 2000

Bullock, Richard K., Hierarchical Interactive Theater Model (HITM): An Investigation into the Relationship Between Strategic Effects and OODA Loops, Mar 2000

Hall, Shane, N., A Group Theoretic Tabu Search Approach to the Traveling Salesman Problem, Mar 2000

Harder, Robert, A JAVA Universal Router in Support of Routing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Mar 2000

Kinney, Gary W., A Hybrid Jump Search and Tabu Search Metaheuristic for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Routing  Problem, 2000

Champagne, Lance E., Evaluation and Analysis of EFX 98 Assessment Experiences and EFX 98 Assessment Evaluation, Mar 1999

Eravsar, Mehmet, A Comparison of Genetic Algorithm Parameterization on Synthetic Optimization Problems, 1999

Franzen, Daniel W., A Bayesian Decision Model for Battle Damage Assessment, 1999

Gaupp, Martin P., Pilot Inventory Complex Adaptive System (PICAS): An Artificial Life Approach to Managing Pilot Retention, 1999

O’Fearna, Frank, Reduction of the Aircraft Ground Equipment Footprint of an Air Expeditionary Force, 1999

Tighe, Thomas R., Strategic Effects of Airpower and Complex Adaptive Agents: An Initial Investigation, 1999

Buschor, Daniel, C., Sensitivity Analysis of Brawler Pilot Skill Levels, 1998


Capehart, Shay R.,  A Tabu Search Metaheuristic for the Air Refueling Tanker Assignment Problem, Mar 2007


Raymond J. Hill, Multivariate Indicators of Terrorism Vulnerability, Advisor: Maj Geffre, Mar 2015

Robert R. Craig, The Military Theater Distribution Network Design Problem, Advisor: LTC (Dr.) Lunday, Mar 2015

Jonathan D. Young, Development of a Finite State Machine for a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Using Experimental Design in a Simulated Environment, Advisor: Maj (Dr.) Stone, Mar 2015

Matthew G. Thomas, Statistical Observations of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing in a Combat Simulation, Advisor: Dr. Miller, Mar 2015

William Adorno, Autonomous Experimentation of Carbon Nanotube Growth Using Response Surface Methods, Advisor: Maj (Dr. ) Stone, Mar 2015

Joseph C. Hoecherl, Approximate Dynamic Programming Algorithms for United States Air Force Officer Sustainment, Advisor:  Lt Col (Dr.) Robbins, Mar 2015

Mitchell N. Gillespie, Modeling SUAS Attitude Variance for Acoustic Signature Reduction Using a Designed Experiment and Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation, Advisor: Maj (Dr.) Stone, Mar 2015

Aaron J. Burns, Assessing GPS Constellation Resiliency in an Urban Canyon Environment, Advisor: Dr. Miller, Mar 2015

Power, E. K., A Heuristics Approach to the Theater Distribution Problem, Advisor: Dr. J. Weir, Mar 2014

Flores, C. M., A Proper Splitting Theater Distribution Model for Improving Force Flow Analysis, Advisor: Dr. J. Weir, Mar 2014

Kannon, T., Improving the Air Mobility Command’s Air Refueling Route Building Capabilities, Advisor: Dr. S. Nurre, Mar 2014

Clapp, B., Vehicle Minimization for the Multimodal Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows, Advisor: Dr. J. Weir, Mar 2013

Hafich, M., A Mixed Integer Programming Model for Improving Theater Distribution Force Flow Analysis, Advisor: Dr. J. Weir, Mar 2013

Leonard, T., Operational Planning of Channel Airlift Missions Using Forecasted Demand, Advisor: Dr. J. Weir, Mar 2013

Lessin, A., Estimating the Probability of Being the Best System: A Generalized Method and Nonparametric Hypothesis Test, Advisor: Dr. J. O. Miller, Mar 2013

Drinkwater, R. L., Estimating and Measuring Application Latency of Typical DIS-Based Simulation Architecture, Advisor: Dr. D. Hodson, Mar 2013

Findley, J. S., A Decision Analysis Perspective on Multiple Response Robust Optimization, Advisor: J. D. Robbins, Mar 2012

Senay, N., The Strategic Level Optimization of Air to Ground Missiles for Turkish Air Force Decision Support System, Advisor: Dr. J. Weir, Mar 2012

Bucheit, Eric, Optimizing Ground Times for AMC Aircraft in Afghanistan, Advisor: Dr. J. Moore, Mar 2011

Cammarano, V. R., Estimating Cargo Airdrop Collateral Damage Risk, Advisor: Dr. J. Cochran, Mar 2011

Melin, M. P., Modeling and Analysis of High Energy Laser Weapon System Performance in Varying Atmospheric Conditions, Advisor: Dr. Miller, Sept 2011

MacKenzie, Adam, Exploration of the Effects of Maintenance Manning on Combat Mission Readiness Using Agent Based Modeling, Advisor: Dr. J. O. Miller, Mar 2010

Dooley, Alaina D., Screening Techniques and Randomization Restrictions in Wind Tunnel Testing, Using Design of Experiments, Advisor: Dr. Shay R. Capehart (Maj), Mar 2010

Heiman, T. K., Simulation Modeling of the C-5 Galaxy High Velocity Regionalized Isochronal (HVRISO) Inspection Concept, Advisor: Dr. A. Johnson, Mar 2009

Saglam, O., Forecasting USAF JP-8 Fuel Needs, Advisor: Dr. B. E. Anderson, Mar 2009

Arendt, C., Adaptive Pareto Set Estimation for Stochastic Mixed Variable Design Problems, Advisor: Dr. J. Chrissis, Mar 2009

Medal, H., Multiobjective Simulation Optimization: A Comparison Of Methods, University of Arkansas, Advisor: E. Pohl, Dec 2008

Harper, T. J., Implementation of Simulation for Network Service Delivery Point Capacity Analysis, Wright State University, Advisor: F. Ciarallo, Dec 2008

Tidball, B., Designing Computer Agents with Facial Personality to Improve Human-Machine Collaboration, Advisor: Gallimore, Mar 2006

Shinde, P., Modeling Static Characteristics of Festo Pneumatic Muscle, Advisor: Reynolds, Jun 2006

Koppaka, V., A Graphical User Interface Framework for Human Interaction with Simulated distributed Remotely Operated Vehicles, Advisor: Narayanan, Jun 2006

Celamkoti, R., Enhancing Supply Chain Analytics by Estimated Cycle Time as a Function of Uncertainty, Advisor: F.  Ciarallo, Sept 2006

Brown, N., An (R,S) Inventory Policy for Winter Maintenance Materials for the State of Ohio, Advisor: F. Ciarallo, Nov 2006

Paniker, Vinu, A Hybrid Architecture Combining Artificial Neural Networks and Rule Based Systems For Diagnosis of The Mobility Aircraft Availability Forecasting Model. Faculty Advisor: F. Ciarallo, Jun 2005

Kesaraju, Vishnu, A Micro-simulation Test of Two-Level Optimization-Based Ramp Metering Controls. Faculty Advisor: F. Ciarallo, Sept 2005

Yenumula, L. N., Derivative Control of Traffic Intersections: Implementation and Comparison. Faculty Advisor: F. Ciarallo, Dec 2005

Kopaka, Lavanya, Source Recommendation System in Information Retrieval. Faculty Advisor: S. Narayanan. Nov 2004

Mahadevan, Sriram,  Handling Real-Time Scheduling Exceptions Using Decision Support Systems, Wright State University, Faculty Advisor: S. Narayanan.  Jun 2003

Bartley, C. R., A Visual Lanugraute for Composable Simulation Scenarios, Faculty Advisor:  Lt Col K. Mathias, Mar 2003

Fass, P., Simulation of Autonomic Logistics System (ALS) Sortie Generation, Faculty Advisor: Dr. J. O. Miller, Mar 2003

Azar, M., Assessing the Treatment of Airborne Tactical High Energy Lasers in Combat Simulations, Faculty Advisor: Dr. J. O. Miller, Mar 2003

Robert Dunkel, Investigation of Cooperative Behavior in Autonomous Wide Area Search Munitions, Faculty Advisor: D. Jacques, Mar 2002

Trias, E., Title Using Advanced Technology Repositories to Accelerate Simulation Scenario Development. Faculty Advisor: K. Mathias, Mar 2002

Canli, H.,  A visual meta-language for generic modeling, Faculty Advisor: Mathias, Mar 2002

Colak, E., Portable high-performance indexing for vector product format spatial databases, Faculty Advisor: Mathias, Mar 2002

Nupont, N., A Recommendation of Statistical Analysis for Test and Evaluation, Mar 2002, Faculty Advisor: Chambal

Pektas, M., Quicklook Air Mobility Modeling, Mar 2002, Faculty Advisor: Dr. Moore, Mar 2002

Koper, E. M., Antenna Coupling Minimization for the VC-25A Using Genetic Algorithms, Local Search, and Cylinder Approximations, Faculty Advisor: W. D. Wood, Mar 2002

Annaballi, R., A Multiple Ant Colony Metaheuristic For The Air Refueling Tanker Assignment Problem, Faculty Advisor: Dr. Moore, Mar 2002

Boke, C., Combining and Analyzing the Tanker and Aircrew Scheduling Heuristics, Faculty Advisor: Dr. Moore, Mar 2002

Fernandez, Manuel, Optimization of Palladium-Catalyzed In Situ Destruction of Trichloroethylene Contaminated Groundwater using a Genetic Algorithm, Faculty Advisor: Dr. Goltz, Mar 2001

Tapp, Charles S.,  Brac to the Future: An Analysis of Past Savings from Base Closings, Faculty Advisor:  Lt Col Mark A. Gallagher, Mar 2001

Baltacioglu, Erhan,  The Distributors' Three-Dimensional Pallet-Packing Problem:  A Human Intelligence-Based Heuristic Approach, Faculty Advisor:  Lt Col James T. Moore, Mar 2001

Malley, Michael E.,  A Methodology for Simulating the Joint Strike Fighter's Prognostics and Health Management System, Faculty Advisor:  Lt Col J. O. Miller, Mar 2001

Tekelioglu, Umit H.,  A reactive Tabu Search Metaheuristic Extension of the Air Refueling Tanker Assignment Problem, Faculty Advisor:  Dr James T. Moore, Mar 2001

Dan Gillen, Cooperative Behavior Schemes for Improving the Effectiveness of Autonomous Wide Area Search Munitions, Faculty Advisor: D. Jacques, Mar 2001

Williamson, Chaz M., Use of Genetic Algorithms to Characterize Groundwater Contamination Source Areas, Faculty Advisor: Dr. Goltz, Mar 2000

Ballew, Brian P., The Distributor’s Three-Dimensional Pallet-Packing Problem: A Mathematical Formulation and Heuristic Solution Approach,  Faculty Advisor: Dr. James T. Moore, Mar 2000

Basdemir, Melih M.,  Locating Search and Rescue Stations in the Aegean and Western Mediterranean Regions of Turkey, Faculty Advisor: Dr. James T. Moore, Mar 2000

Rebulanan, Rene C.,  Simulation of the Joint Strike Fighter’s (JSF) Autonomic Logistics System (ALS) Using Java Programming Language,   Faculty Advisor: Miller, Mar 2000

Zeisler, Nicholas J.,  A Greedy Multiple-Knapsack Heuristic for Solving Air Mobility Command’s Intratheater Airlift Problem, Faculty Advisor: Dr. James T. Moore, Mar 2000

Pugh, David M., A Validation Assessment of the STORM Air-to-Air Prototype Algorithm, Faculty Advisor: Lt Col Gregory A. McIntyre, Mar 2000

Shariff, Guenever, Estimating Budget Relationships with A Leontief Input-Output Model, Faculty Advisor:  Lt Col Mark Gallagher, Dec 2000

K. P. O’Rourke, Dynamic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Routing with a Java-Encoded Reactive Tabu Search Metaheuristic, Faculty Advisor: Bailey, Mar 1999

E. M. Burke, Quality Function Deployment from an Operations Research Perspective, Faculty Advisor: Kloeber, Mar 1999

F. N. Nelson, A Validation Assessment of THUNDER 6.5’s Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Module, Faculty Advisor: McIntyre, Mar 1999

J. G. Walston, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mission Level Simulation, Faculty Advisor: Bailey, Mar 1999

D. A. Davies, Operation of a Campaign Level Simulation Model in a Parallel Environment, Faculty Advisor: Miller, Mar 1998

W. R. Haas, An Operational Review of Air Campaign Planning Automation, Faculty Advisor: Chrissis, Mar 1998

C. A. Chocolaad, Solving Geometric Knapsack Problems using Simple Thresholding and Critical Event Tabu Searches, Faculty Advisor: Bailey, Mar 1998

B. S. Livergood, Cross-Resolution Combat Model Calibration Using Bootstrap Sampling, Faculty Advisor: Bauer, Mar 1998

Manship, W. E. and J. L. Tilly, A Three-Dimensional 463L Pallet Packing Model and Algorithm, Faculty Advisor: Arostegui, Sept 1998

Spainhower, K. L., An Exploratory Study on the Strategic Use of Information Technology in the Source Selection Decision-Making Process, Sept 1998


Szwarc, M. M., The Air Force System Acquisition Management Manpower Regression Analysis, Jun 2013

Burns, J.,  An Analysis of Flow Requirements for Space System Test Facility Cryogenic Helium, Mar 2013

Carman, S., Regression Analysis of Data from the Compatibility Test and  Evaluation of a C-17A with a BAK-12 Aircraft Arresting Cable System with Eight Tie-Downs on a Concrete Runway: Cable Bounce Height, Minimum Cable Clearance, and the Probability of a Cable Striking the Aircraft, Mar 2013

Reinholtz, Carrie., Design of Experiments: Implemented and Recommended Applications at Arnold Engineering Development Center, Feb 2013

Hartzell, J., A Statistical Comparison of Two Machine Gun Tripods, Jan 2013

Li, Shuxiang and G. Trevor Jones, A-10C Thunderbolt II (Warthog) Single Engine Climb Case Study, Aug 2012

Keith, James, Development of a Laser Effects Shot Matrix using Design of Experiments, Apr 2012

Satava, S., Advanced Targeting Pod-Sensor Enhancement (ATP-SE) Joint Pre-Flight Integration of Munitions and Electronic Systems (J-PRIMES) Testing, Sept 2011

Wilson, James G., Examining the Statistical Rigor of Recent LVC Events for Use in Operational Testing, Jun 2011

Allen, C., Short Field Landing Techniques, Mar 2011

Garverick, S., Utilizing Design of Experiments Principles to Improve AFMETCAL’s Acceptance Testing Process, Mar 2011

Sekhon, R. S., Development of Design of Experiments for the Advanced Targeting POD-Sensor Enhancement Test Program, Mar 2011

Bertolas, T., Timing Characteristics of Electronic Staging and Event Sequencer, Jun 2010

Broyles, K., Expeditionary Combat Support System Software Combinatorial Testing and Factor Covering Arrays, Jun 2010

Buch, G. M., AMC’s Future Strategic Airlifter: The Blended Wing Body?, Jun 2010

Cooper, R. W., Illig, A. A., and Albee, T. A., How to Use Your Whole Toolbox – DOE Application for Multiple Phases Testing, Jun 2010

Drumm, M., A Study of Balsa Wood Glider Aerodynamics and Optimized Glide Distances using Design of Experiments, Jun 2010

Hancey, B., Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network (ISPAN), Jun 2010

Henninger, T. A., Characterization of Ballistic Impact Flash: An Initial Investigation and Methods Development, Jun 2010

Hunter, T. N., Performance of Military Cargo Aircraft Using Required Navigation Performance Departures, Jun 2010

Honrath, M. D., Statistical Analysis of the Condition Assessment Process for Aerospace Ground Test Systems, Jun 2010

Steele, M. F., Assessment of Global Positioning (GPS) Error Budget Assumptions through Design of Experiments (DOE), Jun 2010

Storm, S. M., Improved Design for Rubber-Powered Balsa Wood Model Airplane, Jun 2010

Wagenman, S. B., Improving Implementation of the Design of Experiments Method for  U.S. Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation, Jun 2010

Ward, M. R., Initial Test Design, Jun 2010

Bowser, J. R., Partner information exchange and centralized database for the Reynolds and Reynolds Network Implementation Team (NIT) and Verizon Business (VB), Jan 2009

Simmons, S. K., Proof of Need for USAF Support of FMS Partner CAD/PAD Forecasting and Data Transmission, Jan 2009

Hogue, D., The Defense Logistics Agency And Business Systems Modernization: Transformation And Disruption In The Supply Chain, Jan 2008

Howard, M. S., The United States Air Force (USAF) Recruit Uniform Requirement Forecast, Jan 2008

Galyan-Smith, J., Inspection, Test, and Repair of the Bradley Eyesafe Laser Range Finder (BELRF), Aug 2007

Grund, C. M., Workload Analysis and the C-130 AMP, Aug 2007

Heath, B. L., The Emergence of Agent-Based Modeling: Complexity, Aug 2007

Thomas, K., 3D Multimedia: Is It Useful in an Assembly Task, May 2007

Gillespie, T. M., EvenFlo Company Inc: Collaboration with Wal-Mart using CPFR, Feb 2007

Freeman, M., L. Ross, M. Sander, Analysis and Recommendations to Improve Supply Support to Depot Level Repair of the F-15C Air Navigational Multiple Indicator, Jan 2007

Kalfas, S., Proof of Concept Methodology for Demand Planning of Nonstandard Supply Parts for U.S. Air Force Foreign Military Sales Customers, Jan 2007

Kendall O. Conrad, Web Page Templates for Creating Class Web Pages that Accommodates Teachers and Students, 2006

Yana Kalyanova, Web Accessibility for Older Adults, 2006

Craig M. Stansifer, Graphical Decision Support for an Army Tactical Operations Center: Further Investigation, 2006

Sarah Woodbury, Emergency Interface for an Incapacitated Pilot, 2006

Richard Amos, Robert Blakey, and Michael Embree, Consumable Readiness Spares Package Policies, Jan 2006

Keely Done, Ann Wimberly, and Frank Washburn, Fighter Landing Gear Sustainment Constraints, Jan 2006

Jim Mehrl, LuK Automotive Aftermarket, North American Regional Packaging Center: An Economic Analysis of Outsourcing and Consolidating U.S.A. and Mexican Packaging Operations, Jan 2006

Candance Clark, Menu Maker: Development of a web-based tool to plan healthy and time-conscious meals for families, Nov 2005

Ryan Antonelli, Random Organization and Structured Chaos: A Comprehensive Overview of Complexity Theory, Aug 2005

Cassandra Ralls, Web Design and Selected User Interface Topics, Dec 2004

Jace Anders, Computer Systems for the Disabled, Jun 2004

Brooke McNally, Human Behavior Representation Modeling, Mar 2004

Stacy Earl, Voicemate Project:New Platform Human Factors Study. Winter 2004

R. Benjamin Hartlage, A Comparison of Meta-Heuristic Paradigms for Optimum Task Assignment within Distributed, Undirected, Autonomous Agent Networks, Jun 2003

Christie Hong, FEDSRF Test Client Application, Jun 2003

Steve Radlowski, Genetic Programming, Jun 2003

Jennifer A. Rousey, Using Breakdown Analysis to Provide Input to the Combat Service Support Model, Jun 2003

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