Dr. Raymond R. Hill, Jr., Professor of Operations Research

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PhD Dissertations Advised


Capt Andrew D. Atkinson, Wavelet-Based Simulation Model Validation of Functional Data, Sep 2017

Maj Scott M. Storm, Validation of Discrete and Functional Simulation Responses Over Experimental Regions Using Response Surfaces, Sep 2017

Clayton  T. Kelleher, Dynamic Bayesian Networks as a Probabilistic Metamodel for Combat Simulation, Aug 2014

Shane Dougherty, A Comparison Study of Second-Order Screening Designs and Their Extension, Sept 2013

Rafael Aleman, A Guided Neighborhood Search Applied to the Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem, Jan 2009

Sriram Mahadevan, Visualization Methods And User Interface Design Guidelines For Rapid Decision Making In Complex Multi-Task Time-Critical Environments, Jan 2009

Douglas Paul Meador, Modeling Training Effects on Task Performance Using a Human Performance Taxonomy, Nov 2008

Chaitr S. Hiremath, New Heuristic and Metaheuristic Approaches Applied to the Multiple-Choice Multidimensional Knapsack Problem, Mar 2007

Lance Champagne, Development Approaches Coupled With Verification And Validation Methodologies For Agent-Based Mission-Level Analytical Combat Simulations, Nov 2003


Brian L. Heath, The History, Philosophy, and Practice of Agent-Based Modeling and the Development of the Conceptual Model for Simulation (CM4S) Diagram, Feb 2010 (co-advisor with F. Ciarallo, Wright State University)

Subhashini Ganapathy, Human-Centered Time-Pressured Decision Making in Dynamic Complex Systems, Jun 2006 (co-advisor with S. Narayanan, Wright State University)

Fawaz Al-Karaeen, Characterizing Battlefield Human Decision Making with Value Focused Thinking and Reliability Modeling, Sept 2006 (co-advisor with E. Pohl, University of Arkansas)

Yong Kun Cho, Developing New Multidimensional Knapsack Heuristics Based on Empirical Analysis of Legacy Heuristics, Feb 2005 (co-advisor with J. T. Moore, AFIT/ENS)


Marcus, E. McNabb, Exploring Heuristics for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Split Deliveries and Time Windows, Aug 2014

Daniel J. Showalter, Optimal Autonomous Spacecraft Resiliency Maneuvers Using Metaheuristics, Jul 2014

Andrew J. Geyer, Different Formulations of the Orthogonal Array Problem and Their Symmetries, May 2014

Victor E. Middleton, Imperfect Situation Analysis: Representing the Role of Error and Uncertainty in Modeling, Simulation and Analysis, May 2014

Jason K. Freels, Modeling Reliability Growth in Accelerated Stress Testing, Nov 2013

Alex Gutman, Construction, Analysis, and Data-Driven Augmentation of Supersaturated Designs, Jul 2012

Robert B. Hartlage, Rough-Cut Capacity Planning in Multimodal Freight Transportation Networks, Aug 2012

Tiffany J. Harper, Agent Based Modeling and Simulation Framework for Supply Chain Risk Management, Feb 2012

Kara L. Hall, Dynamic Control for a Pneumatic Muscle Actuator to Achieve Isokinetic Muscle Strengthening, Jun 2011

Darrell F. Lochtefeld, Multi-Objectivization in Genetic Algorithms, May 2011

Nicholas S. Hardman, An Empirical Methodology for Engineering Human Systems Integration, Nov 2009

Vijith Malayil Varghese, Forecasting Intermittent Demand in Large Scale Inventory System, Aug 2009

Vishnu Sharma Kesaraju, An Integrated Simulation Environment Combining Process and Event Driven Models, Mar 2009

Jennifer L. Serres, Dynamic Characterization and Application of a Pneumatic Muscle Actuator Test System, Nov 2008

Suman Niranjan, A Study Of Multi-Echelon Inventory Systems with Stochastic Capacity And Intermediate Product Demand, Jul 2008

Mehmet Miman, Modeling And Analysis Of The Reliability Of Contingency Logistic Metworks: A Multi-Dimensional Knapsack Approach, Jul 2008

Maria J. Gerschutz, Dynamic Pneumatic Muscle Actuator Control System for an Augmented Orthosis, Apr 2008.

Amy R. Sipp, A System for Collecting Data to Characterize a Pre-Fall Change in Sway: Development and Proof-of-Concept Analyses, Apr 2008.           

Marwan Younes Maarouf, XML Integrated Environment for Service-Oriented Data Management, May 2007.

Joseph Christopher Jenkins, The Effect of Configural Displays on Pilot Situation Awareness in Helmet Mounted Displays, May 2007.

Sasanka Prabhala, Designing Computer Agents with Personality to Improve Human-Machine Collaboration in Complex Systems, March 2007.

Amanda C. Muller, Cognitively-Engineered Multisensor Data Fusion Systems for Military Applications, March 2006.

Michael Patzek, The Effect of Automation Levels on Human Supervisory Awareness and Judgment of Simulated Robotic Activities, Nov 2003.

Thomas Clutz, A Framework For Prognostics Reasoning, Feb 2003.

Todd Combs, A Combined Adaptive Tabu Search and Set Partitioning Approach for the Crew Scheduling Problem with an Air Tanker Crew Application, Jun 2002

John Crino, A Group Theoretic Tabu Search Methodology for Solving the Theater Distribution Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem, May 2002

David Denhard, Theater-Level Stochastic Air-to-Air Engagement Modeling via Event Occurrence Networks using Piecewise Polynomial Approximation, Aug 2001

Jeffrey Hebert, Air Vehicle Path Planning, Nov 2001


David R. Mills, Consistency Properties for Growth Model Parameters under an Infill Asymptotics Domain, Jun 2010

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