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Research performed at AFIT by alum is referenced in AF Times article
Posted: 05/09/2012 by AFIT Public Affairs

Research performed at AFIT by alum Capt Michail Gkoutouloudis (M.S. Cost Analysis, 2011), a Greek Army Officer, is referenced in the AF Times article below. Capt Gkoutouloudis' research validated the previously documented trend of the young, enlisted male age groups as the most prevalent smokers in USAF. Enlisted personnel (vs. officers) indeed represent the larger cost burden, but smoking-related health costs tied to individual officer smokers are typically greater than costs associated if enlisted. Capt Gkoutouloudis went on to analyze the primary factors behind cost of hospitalization, through statistical analysis. This research serves to improve targeted health promotion interventions geared towards reducing long-term healthcare costs. Read the full article here.

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