Nuclear Expertise for Advancing Technologies Center for Specialized Research

Nuclear Expertise for Advancing Technologies Center for Specialized Research

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Vision and Mission Statements
The NEAT CSR was proposed in Q2FY19 in response to long-term strategic needs laid out by the Secretary of Defense in the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) and a SECAF focus on building strong technical capabilities within the Air Force, including multi-domain awareness and nuclear modernization.
Vision Statement
To be the recognized center for development of technical nuclear expertise and competence in support of strategic Air Force nuclear missions. It will focus on integrating research and educational needs required for multi-domain nuclear operations and be the highest quality source of USAF intellectual human capital supporting research and education USAF nuclear operations.
Mission Statement
Provide the USAF nuclear forces with persistent and relevant personnel and research to address emergent and future nuclear weapons requirements. The NEAT CSR will be the first place Air Force organizations go when they need intellectual capital, knowledge, or assistance in solving technical nuclear problems. The NEAT CSR will provide research, consultation, education, and human capital to solve or advance nuclear technical problems.


Connecting the AF Nuclear Past to the Future


Executive Summary: Why now?

Since their initial development, nuclear weapons have represented a special technological achievement in the history of modern warfare. For much of the four decades following their development, the United States continued a substantial effort to understand the methods for development and effects of nuclear weapons in order to ensure that they remain a viable option in the national strategy plan, while providing an effective deterrent against adversaries.

The NEAT CSR was established within the AFIT graduate school with three primary functions: research, education, and human capital development. The objective of the research is to tie together the disparate technological areas and disciplines to be at the cutting-edge of present and future technologies. To do this, the NEAT CSR will engage in and conduct research with other specialized AFIT centers, USAF organizations, other services, government agencies (e.g., NNSA), industry, and universities, in a strategic and sustained way. In education, the NEAT CSR will seek to provide the nuclear knowledge and expertise to educational initiatives at all levels, allowing graduate education and continuing education to focus on their specific areas, with the NEAT CSR available to provide relevant inserts as needed. Human capital development will occur through graduate student engagement on projects, for which the NEAT CSR will be able to strategically link to long-term needs of customers. Additionally, NEAT CSR-affiliated researchers will become a local (or future hiring) investment for organizations needing qualified and highly relevant skills to their organizations.
James C. Petrosky, Ph.D.
Professor, Nuclear Engineering
Director, Nulear Expertise for Advancing
Technologies Center for Specialized Research
Department of Engineering Physics
Graduate School of Engineering & Management
Air Force Institute of Technology