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Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity Education and Research Empowering Tomorrow’s Cyber Experts
23 Feb 2024 - Graduate students attend the Introduction to Cyber Warfare and Security course at AFIT. (U.S. Air Force photo by Jaima Fogg) By Lt. Col. Wayne Henry, PhD, USAF Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Director, Center for Cyberspace Research Air...
Many Forms of Cyber Education at AFIT
23 Feb 2024 - By Maj. José A. Gutierrez Del Arroyo, PhD, USAF Assistant Professor of Computer Science Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Air Force Institute of Technology Citing near-peer competition in the global stage and a need to maintain a technological...
AFIT Researches Deep Learning Techniques Using Multi-modal Sensors to Support DoD’s Counter-sUAS Strategy
23 Feb 2024 - Since 2021, AFIT has focused on building models which detect loose ranges of drones using pre-recorded audio. 2023 marked an inflection point in which phase two began where video of drones was added to the arsenal of detection techniques. (Contributed...
D’Azzo Library Recognized at Library of Congress
23 Feb 2024 - Front row left to right: Dr. Ellis Beteck, AFIT Library Director and Dr. Adedeji Badiru, Graduate School Dean. Library staff left to right: Wheeler Hall, reference librarian; Charles Clausen, serials technician; Renate Lester, research librarian; Lauren Erdmann-Rued, circulation technician; April Cottrell,...
Malware Detection Analysis with ThreatScraper
21 Feb 2024 - By Capt. Aaron Morath AFIT Graduate Student Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering The digital landscape of today is in a state of constant flux, with the rapid evolution of malware and computer viruses continually challenging the proficiency of anti-virus...
Cyber Defense in Space Systems Research
21 Feb 2024 - By Capt. Courtney Fleming MS Student, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Air Force Institute of Technology The Department of Defense (DoD) heavily relies on satellites for operations ranging from navigation and communication to intelligence. It has become increasingly evident...
IronNetInjector: Weaponizing .NET Dynamic Language Runtime Engines
21 Feb 2024 - By Maj. Anthony Rose AFIT Graduate Student Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Due to its widespread use and ease of integration on Windows systems, the .NET Framework has become an essential tool for adversaries, especially Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)....
AFIT ANT Center Lowers Military Dependence on GPS
20 Feb 2024 - By Dr. Clark Taylor ANT Center Director Air Force Institute of Technology Since becoming operational in the early 90s, the Global Positioning System (GPS) has helped enable several important military and civilian technologies, including autonomous vehicles, precise munitions,...
Enhancing Civil Engineer Readiness Through Proactive Education
20 Feb 2024 - The Air Force Institute of Technology's Civil Engineer School completed the inaugural offering of the Engineer Readiness Planning Seminar (WMSS 575) on 19 January. The four-day course is designed to provide tactical civil engineer leaders with the skills...
EWI Mid Tour Conference Highlights Industry Partnerships
15 Feb 2024 - Education With Industry fellows and program managers gathered 24 January to share experiences and lessons learned during their first 135 days of the 10-month educational program. The EWI Program, sponsored by SAF/AQ and managed by the Air Force Institute of Technology’s...
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