STAT Center of Excellence

STAT Center of Excellence

DASD (DT&E), in collaboration with the Commander Air Education and Training Command, established the STAT Center of Excellence (COE) in April 2012 under the stewardship of the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT). The COE attained Full Operational Capability in July 2012.

During development of the Test & Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP), the COE works with acquisition program managers and the program's Chief Developmental Tester to improve test effectiveness and ensure efficient use of scarce resources. Utilizing a combination of rigorous scientific methods and lessons learned, the COE determines where test designs can be improved and efficiencies gained, and then applies this knowledge to the program's T&E strategy development.

In order to achieve more defensible test results, the STAT  Center initially partnered with  20 major acquisition programs. This partnership has grown to support of 40 major acquisition programs  since 2012. As a condition for effective partnering, these programs are early enough in their test strategy planning to allow the implementation of STAT to allow the better informing of the program leadership. The use of STAT does not ensure the success of a program, but rather allows programs to make better use of available test resources, allows for an understanding of information that can be obtained within the current test budget, and allows the understanding of the impact if more or less test resources were available. The use of STAT information provides the program leadership a better understanding to manage risk by ensuring effective testing highlights the current technological maturity, suitability, and operational effectiveness of the program.

The STAT  COE consists of an interdisciplinary group of DoD T&E professionals that possess knowledge and experience of DoD T&E planning, execution and assessment, knowledge and experience in warfare areas, and statistical expertise. In addition to injecting more STAT into program test strategy planning, the STAT  COE experts ensure the organic test and evaluation team gain a better understanding of STAT and how it should be executed within developing testing methodologies.

In addition to directly supporting the 40 acquisition programs, the Center also provides the development of case studies collects, develops, and promotes best practices and supports work force development through input to course development on scientific and statistical approaches within T&E planning, execution and assessment.

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