Welcome to the STAT COE!

Our Mission 

To develop and apply independent, tailored Scientific Test & Analysis Techniques (STAT) solutions to Test & Evaluation (T&E) that deliver insight to inform better decisions.

We accomplish this in three distinct ways: 

We engage with T&E acquisition programs to address a specific problem or need so they can make informed decisions through defensible insights.

We complete scientific investigations to discover facts and reach new conclusions, which enable us to anticipate or address broad questions posed by a single program or a larger T&E community.

We provide instruction through well-developed modules to a specific program or the larger T&E community.


Our Core Compentencies

  • Optimized Experimentation
    • Frequentist Statistics
    • Scientific Test & Analysis Techniques 
    • Optimal Tool and Method Selection 
    • Bayesian Statistics 
    • Surveys
  • Reliability
    • Statistics of Model & Simulation (M&S) Application
    • Training Data Optimization
    • Model Evaluation (Validation, Uncertainty, Risk Quantification)
    • M&S-informed test design
  • T&E of Evolving Systems
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Machine Learning
    • Autonomous Systems
    • Software-Intensive Systems
  • Data Analysis

Our Unique Qualities

  • Responsive, tailored application of STAT
  • Collective of individuals with unique backgrounds and specialties
  • Independent organization 
  • Access to tools, capabilities, and skills
  • Diverse portfolio and reach

Our Impact

  • Elevation of T&E across enterprise
  • Defensible solutions for test teams
  • Better informed acquisition decisions
  • STAT trained workforce

“They have demonstrated a true commitment to meeting program needs…I look forward to continued interactions with the STAT COE” 
– USAF Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) Lead Developmental Test Office (LDTO) 


“We would love to have your support on all our programs. The support you’ve provided over the last few years has been priceless.”

– US Army MDAP T&E Lead 

“The support of the STAT COE is crucial to the success of this effort…"

– US Navy MDAP Program Manager 

What are Scientific Test & Analysis Techniques?

Scientific Test and Analysis Techniques (STAT) are the scientific and statistical methods and processes used to enable the development of efficient, rigorous test strategies that will yield defensible results. STAT encompasses techniques such as design of experiments, observational studies, and survey design. The suitability of each method is determined by the specific objective(s) of the test.

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