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Two AFIT Alumni Honored at AFCEA International Conference
Posted: 07/23/2014 by AFIT Public Affairs

Two AFIT alumni, Mr. Scott Hardiman and Mr. Jay Kanavos, were honored at an Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA) international conference held in Baltimore, MD, in June 2014.

Scott Hardiman is a 1990 graduate of AFIT, where he received an M.S. in Systems Management and was charter member and Chapter Vice President of Sigma Iota Epsilon.  He received the prestigious “AFCEA Leadership Award” in recognition of his significant contribution to Lexington-Concord Chapter’s ability to sustain a positive business image, advance a strong partnership between industry, government and AFLCMC, and support the AFCEA mission. 

In his nomination, AFCEA Lexington-Concord Chapter President Bud Vazquez praised Hardiman for his leadership in a variety of roles, including spearheading the Chapter’s New Horizons Symposium, enhancing the value and capability of its Executive Committee, finding innovative ways to improve Chapter/Government collaboration, and orchestrating a signature ROTC Awards event that involved coordination with more than 20 detachments.  A particular noteworthy instance, according to Vazquez, was Hardiman’s efforts to increase mutual understanding between Government and industry:  “He assembled a group of media experts, including three reporters and a TV News Anchor to form a Media Panel.  Its topic was ‘A Partnership to Better Inform the Public: Understanding the Government, Media and Industry Relationship,’ and it became a highlight of our last New Horizons.”  In sum, Vazquez praised Hardiman as a “superlative champion of AFCEA, and singularly deserving of this award.”

Jay Kanavos is a 1984 graduate of AFIT with an M.S. in Electrical Engineering.  He received the prestigious “AFCEA Meritorious Service Award” in recognition of his exemplary accomplishments in dramatically enhancing the strength of the Lexington-Concord Chapter’s education programs.

In her nomination, AFCEA Lexington-Concord Chapter Vice President for Operations Claire Goulet praised Kanavos for his “dedication, drive and determination” in leading the Chapter’s Science Teaching Tools Grant program over the past eight years. “Jay’s signature is his hands-on approach.  He has awarded more than 16 grants totaling $32,000, and served as an inspiration to awardees of this vital AFCEA science program that promotes and encourages students to enter the field of science and engineering.”

AFCEA is a non-profit association serving the military, government, industry and academia as an ethical forum for advancing professional knowledge and relationships in the fields of communications, information technology, intelligence and global security.

Baltimore, MD, June 23  – Scott Hardiman (center) receives AFCEA International’s prestigious Leadership Award from Kent Schneider (right), AFCEA President and CEO; and Linda Gooden (left), AFCEA Chair of the Board of Directors. The presentation took place at AFCEA’s annual Cyber Symposium. (AFCEA Photo)

Baltimore, MD, June 23 – Congratulating Jay Kanavos (right) on the receipt of AFCEA International’s prestigious Meritorious Service Award is Al Grasso, former Chairman of the AFCEA Board of Directors.  The presentation took place at AFCEA’s annual Cyber Symposium.  (AFCEA Photo)


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