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Brigadier Hugo di Risio, Argentine Air Force

Brigadier Hugo G. di Risio, Argentine Air Force
M.S. Logistics Management, 2002
Hugo G. di Risio graduated from the Military School of Aviation of the Argentine Air Force (AAF) in 1979.  He received his first bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering in 1982.  His second bachelor’s degree was in Aerial and Space Systems Management. He has completed more than 40 postgraduate courses related to quality, audits, marketing, project management, leadership, civil services, economy and management; the most extensive were the Master of Science in Quality Management (Buenos Aires Tech Institute, 1997) and Master of Science in Logistic Management (Air Force Institute of Technology, 2002).
From the beginning of his career, he involved himself in facts of logistics and quality as competitive priorities, giving multiple lectures in every unit in the AAF and many universities. He has authored several papers for civil and military aviation related to logistics, marketing, AAF cargo capabilities, commercial aviation, risk analysis and other subjects.
His first military assignment was the 1st Air Brigade of the AAF in El Palomar where he was in charge of several aircraft maintenance services (C-130, IA-50 Guaraní, Boeing-707, Rockwell Sabreliner and Fokker F-27 & F- 28 aircraft).  In addition, he was Chief of Aircraft Support Equipment and Configuration Services and served as C-130 Depot Level Maintenance Squadron Chief. Simultaneously, he acted as Tech Researcher in the Zone 1 Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau participating in the investigation of 35 cases. He published his first book titled “Argentinean Manual for Logistics” in 2010.
Since 1983, he has served as a Professor in the National Tech University, Universidad del Salvador, master schools in logistics and business administration and others schools of engineering in different subjects as aircraft maintenance, fluid mechanics, quality assurance, industrial organization, balanced scorecard, operations management and aircraft design.
In 1988, he received the “Small Business Men of the Year” from the President of Argentina for his labor as Project Leader for the manufacturing of three experimental aircraft in the “El Palomar” Tech School.
At present, he is General Director for Military Airworthiness in the AAF and was promoted to the rank of Brigadier (equivalent to a Major General in the USAF).

Di Risio is a half marathon runner and amateur drummer in a jazz band. He married to Ana María in 1983. They have three children: María Florencia, who has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Pedro, who has a bachelor’s degree in Advertisement, and Agustina, who has a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design. They all live at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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