Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR)

Center for Cyberspace Research (CCR)
ACVAM Workshop

Avionics Cyberspace Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation (ACVAM) Workshop
A one-day workshop on how to discover, analyze, and mitigate vulnerabilities in avionics systems. This workshop was developed by AFIT in close coordination with AFRL/RYWA (Avionics Vulnerability Mitigation Branch) based on AFRL's ACVAM manual. It provides a detailed overview on the process of discovering, analyzing, and mitigating vulnerabilities in avionics systems. The primary goal of the workshop is to prepare DoD professionals to understand the technical analysis process needed to conduct vulnerability assessments on aircraft electronics systems, and then consider the development of mitigation techniques against cyberspace attacks.
The target audience of this class is intended to be any DoD professional that requires an understanding of the dependencies of weapons and weapon systems to comply with cybersecurity principles. This course teaches students to understand a broader scope of
cybersecurity and how it impacts more than "traditional IT systems." The lesson includes lectures with discussion, small group activities, self-assessments, case study activity, and a final course assessment. 


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