Center for Directed Energy (CDE)

Center for Directed Energy (CDE)
About the Center

The Center for Directed Energy supports Air Force and DoD agencies in transitioning high energy lasers and high power microwaves to the battlefield through vigorous scientific and engineering research, graduate education programs, and diverse consulting activities. The CDE developed the world's most comprehensive simulation package of atmospheric effects on the propagation of HELs. Called HELEEOS, for High Energy Laser End-to-End Operational Simulation, the simulation has over 100 DoD users and can model DE weapons of current genre or those still in conception. The CDE is working on transferring the capability of HELEEOS to the analysis teams at the Air Force Research Laboratory and within the intelligence community.View CDE Heritage Information.

Our Mission

The mission of CDE is to advance basic and applied research in DE enabling technologies and DE system concepts through experiment, modeling & simulation, and analysis. The results of this research provide the DOD DE community with educated personnel, new concepts, and scientific tools to maintain the technical edge of the fighting forces of the USA.

Our Vision

The CDE’s Vision is to establish itself as the premiere organization in the applied sciences of DE. The Center will develop this capability through business partnerships, applied research, and the academics at AFIT. The Center will provide subject matter expertise on the impacts upon and use and of development of DE technologies.


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