Center for Directed Energy (CDE)

Center for Directed Energy (CDE)

The Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS)

The Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS) is the premier organization for the exchange of information on the development and application of directed energy (DE), which includes both high energy lasers (HEL) and high power microwaves (HPM). DEPS fosters research and development of DE technology for national defense and civil applications through professional communication and education. The traditional academic disciplines involved in DE research include, but are not limited to, physics, electrical engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, materials sciences, optical sciences, optical engineering, and aerospace engineering.

Each year scholarships are awarded to qualified individuals. The number and amount of 2009-2010 scholarship awards will depend on available funding, which is provided by the High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office and by DEPS. View DEPS website for more information

SPIE Scholarship 

SPIE scholarships are open to full and part-time students studying anywhere in the world. All scholarship applications are judged on their own merit based on the experience and education level of the individual student. Women, minorities, and veterans are encouraged to apply. To be eligible to apply, students must: be a Member of SPIE; be enrolled in an optics, photonics, imaging, or optoelectronics program or related discipline (e.g., physics, electrical engineering) at an accredited school for the full year; be in high school or secondary school, undergraduate or post-secondary school, or graduate school. View SPIE website for more information

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