COURSE:  WENG 570 Fundamentals for Electrical Power Systems Design

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to know fundamental principles of electrical power distribution system design within the requirements of applicable codes, regulations, and industry standards.

DESCRIPTION:  This distance learning course presents the principles and fundamentals of electrical power systems and includes instruction in interior and exterior power system design, indoor and outdoor lighting design, power factor correction, motors, fire alarms, lightning protection, cathodic protection, cathodic protection, short circuit analysis of medium and low voltage power systems, protective device selection and coordination.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Base& MAJCOM Electrical Engineers; 32E commissioned officers O-1 thru O-4 and noncommissioned officers E-7 through E-9.

GRADE:   Commissioned AFSC 32E (CE) officers in the grades O-1 thru O-4; civilian GS-301-09 thru GS-14; 3E (CE) noncommissioned officers E-7 through E-9.

DELIVERY METHOD:  Distance Learning (Web)


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