COURSE:  WHSS 205 Automated Civil Engineer System (ACES) Sustainment

OBJECTIVE:  To provide an understanding of the systematic usages of ACES and Discoverer for data entry and data collection. Provide hands-on exercises to assist the AF housing personnel to successfully navigate ACES and the Discoverer program in order to perform their daily duties at an installation.

DESCRIPTION:  The course is designed to provide Housing and Unaccompanied Housing personnel the knowledge, skills and techniques required to effectively manage existing ACES data at their installation. Instruction focuses on best practices for using ACES and Discoverer tools, creating and submitting mandatory utilization reports, and troubleshooting when needed.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Housing Management Assistants, Housing Referral Assistants, Chief of Assistance, and Chief of Facilities.

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Housing Manager, Housing Asset Manager, Capital Asset Element Chief, QAE, Airmen Dormitory Leaders, and Housing MAJCOM/FOA.

GRADE:   Target Grade: E5 or GS-5 (or Equivalent) and above

PREREQUISITES:  Automated Civil Engineer Data Base (ACES-HM) Training, Information Assurance Training (IA) and Information Protection Training (IP). Frequency of attendance is every 3 yrs unless waivered.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  2 hour block instructions during a 3 Day period covering - Day 1 - Traditional Housing (Assign/Term, Drayage, Inspections, Metric), Day 2 - ADL Training (Assign/Term, Create New Dorms, Metric, COMs), Day 3 - Discoverer Reports.

DELIVERY METHOD:  Defense Connect Online (DCO)


COURSE LENGTH:  See Special Requirements

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