COURSE:  WHSS 300 Certified Defense Privatization Management - Level 1

OBJECTIVE:  To provide an understanding of the housing privatization processes and the goals of the Services. To determine how to participate in the privatization process and understand the methodologies for a results oriented oversight. To also understand the role of the private sector partners and the development and maintenance of a working partnership.

DESCRIPTION:  The course will cover the housing privatization process from concept to pre-transition. It will prepare traditional housing office management level personnel for the requirements of the privatization process. The course will also cover: Congressional legislation applicable to privatization, DoD guidance, a comparison of the various Service‚Äôs programs, ethical considerations, private sector maintenance, financial and human resource practices as compared to current Service practices. Also discussed are the traditional management roles of communicating, directing work flow, team building considerations and change management to prepare for the transition from a traditional housing operation to a privatized operation.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Housing Manager, Housing Asset Manager, Capital Asset Element Chief, Chief of Assistance, Chief of Facilities, Privatized Housing Program Manager, MAJCOM Housing Staff

GRADE:   GS-9 (or Equivalent) and above

PREREQUISITES:  Courses Must Be Taken Sequentially

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Upon approval by AFIT to attend the class, students are required to apply with the Military Housing and Lodging Institute for the course. Your government travel card will be required to pay for the class. Reimbursement will be authorized following completion of the course. Select a date from the list below by clicking the button then click the Apply button. (Note: Applications after the registration closure date will need to utilize the Contact Us button for assistance). Note 1: MHLI may offer CDPM Level 1 and CDPM Level 2 or CDPM Level 2 and CDPM Level 3 as separate or combined courses. You must apply separately for each level through the AFIT website if you intend to attend both classes. Note 2: You must apply for these offerings through the MHLI website at upon AFIT approval.

COURSE CREDIT:  Issuing authority is MHLI


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