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Tuition Waiver Information

Exciting tuition policy changes

AFIT’s New Policy Offers Tuition Waivers for Graduate and Professional Continuing Education Courses

Effective 1 October 2014 AFIT will allow Air Force military and Air Force civilian personnel who are not otherwise funded by AFPC (their units or other Federal Sponsorship) to enroll in courses at no cost on a space-available basis.

The mission of AFIT is to advance air, space, and cyberspace power for our armed forces, the Nation, and its partners by providing relevant defense-focused technical graduate and continuing education, research, and consultation. AFIT accomplishes this mission through three resident schools: the Graduate School of Engineering and Management, the School of Systems and Logistics, and The Civil Engineer School.

AFIT’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management offers a variety of programs in engineering, applied sciences, and management leading to the award of master’s and doctoral degrees; as well as graduate certificate programs. Eight of its master’s degree programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET and one by the Applied Science Accreditation Commission. The Graduate School is unique among schools in the country because it is a graduate-only, research-based institution – one of a very small number of institutions in this category. Being a graduate-only institution provides students with desirable advantages including a more personalized educational experience with a student to faculty ratio of approximately 6:1 in master’s degree programs; academic programs with strong DoD focus; and research with real-world relevance.

All prospective students regardless of their academic goal must apply for admission. The admissions application form is found on the Graduate School of Engineering and Management’s web site.

The AFIT School of Systems and Logistics and The Civil Engineer School do not presently charge tuition to U.S. military, civilian DOD and federal agency personnel for their professional continuing education courses. Student registration details for these Schools can be found at and


Tuition Waiver Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is eligible for AFIT tuition waiver?

Unsponsored Air Force military and USAF civilian personnel.

Q2. If I am a distance learning student, am I eligible for the AFIT tuition waiver?


Q3. Do all AFIT certificate, master, and doctoral degree programs fall under the AFIT tuition waiver?


Q4. Q5. Are text books covered under the AFIT tuition wavier?


Q6. Can I be bumped from a class after I have registered?

Yes, as the following students have priority seating: Quota students, work funded, students paying their tuition.

Q7. If I fail or have to drop a class, do I have pay back the tuition?


Q8. Do I have to maintain a certain Grade Point Average (GPA)?

All AFIT Graduate School academic policies apply to tuition-waived students.

Q9. How do I apply to AFIT?

Go to the Office of Admissions website, select "Apply Online" and then "Admissions Form".

Q10. Do you offer night and weekend classes?

Not at this time.

Q11. Do you offer online degree and/or certificate programs?

Yes. Call the Admissions Office at (937) 255-6234 x3184 for details.

Q12. When is the earliest I can apply to AFIT?

Anytime, but the sooner the better.

Q13. Can I use duty time to attend classes at AFIT?

Because resident courses at AFIT are only taught during duty hours, ou must obtain permission from your Supervisor. This is accomplished through the SF182 requirement. As per the 88th Installation Training Guide Section 7.11: "An ETMS Web SF 182 must be submitted for all training requests of eight hours or more, except formal schools courses, and all other training, regardless of length, if cost is involved. Approval of such training by an HRS is required before making any commitments for training." Your approved SF182 must be submitted to AFIT prior to the beginning of each term. Please contact your unit Training Manager or Training Focal Point if you need more information.

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