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Cyberspace Technical Center of Excellence begins Cyberspace Education program
Posted: 08/06/2010 by AFIT Public Affairs

By Bill Hancock
88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio - The Air Force’s new Cyber Professional Continuing Education Program at the Air Force Institute of Technology has officially started its efforts to produce skilled and knowledgeable cyber leaders to support joint warfighting efforts.  

The Cyber PCE courses, Cyber 200 and Cyber 300, will graduate 600 AF leaders per year capable of applying cyber at the operational and strategic level in support of AF missions and joint requirements. These courses refresh and provide greater breadth on concepts taught in Undergraduate Cyber Training at Keesler AFB.  Graduates of Cyber 200 and 300 will understand the complexities of operating in the cyberspace domain and its integration with the other warfighting domains.

 “We are learning to operate in the one domain which is interoperable with all domains -- land, sea, air, and space to achieve mission success” said Capt. David Gordon, USSTRATCOM/J6, and Cyber 200 student.
If adversaries are allowed to influence the environment by applying cyber power, Combatant Commanders may make incorrect decisions. Similarly, the CCDR's goal is to influence the decisions of the opposing commander; one of the ways to do this is through Information Operations, which has a large cyber component. 

 “Capable Air Force cyber operators enhance the tools that a joint IO planner can employ to bring about effects on the battlefield while minimizing collateral damage.” said Cyber PCE Instructor, Capt. Jack Skoda. “Cyber capabilities require a depth of technical knowledge and a broad understanding of military operations that courses like Cyber 200 and Cyber 300 can provide.” he stated.

Cyber operations enable joint operations.  They can be used to significantly impact an adversary’s C2 capabilities, enhancing the effectiveness of joint operations . Cyber 200 and Cyber 300 will prepare joint cyber warfighters, in support of the USCYBER Command mission, to achieve and maintain information superiority in 21st century warfare.

For more information on the Cyber PCE program at AFIT visit: