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AFIT's Center for Cyberspace Research Leads AF and Cyber Command Efforts
Posted: 06/12/2007 by AFIT Public Affairs

AFIT and the Center for Cyberspace Research are currently leading several efforts to develop the personnel resources and capabilities needed for success in the cyberspace warfighting domain.  Some of the current education and training efforts include:

AU Cyber Education

CCR held the second cyber education and training workshop at AFIT in late March. The attendees spent the better part of one day discussing cyber competencies for all AF members. Since then, the CCR faculty have been coordinating with various folks at Maxwell AFB, primarily Air Command and Staff College and Doctrine Center. An extensive amount of work is going into identifying and developing cyber competencies for professional military education. For example, through coordinated efforts between the CCR and the schools at Air University, competencies are being developed based on five broad areas:  introduction to policy, doctrine, guidance, roles, and missions; military organization and strategy; cyber warfare operations – organizations and missions; cyber warfare doctrine and functions; and cyber warfare operations – policy.  While still rough, these form the basis for the definition of numerous educational elements for inclusion (e.g., understanding as well as differentiating net attack from electronic attack and their implications in the cyber warfighting domain).  To date, more than 70 such elements have been identified and are currently under development.  The ultimate focus is on preparing an OPMEP-like document that will lay out general competencies for various levels of PME. Several schools at Maxwell are ahead of the game, most notably ACSC, which is moving out aggressively to modify curriculum and recruit faculty. AFIT will welcome its inaugural cyber war Intermediate Developmental Education class (13 students) in a couple of weeks. 

AF\AETC Cyber Training

In addition to the AU-led, Every Airman part of this effort, AFIT is working with Air Education and Training Command to identify training requirements for the cyber forces. The CCR is partnering with AETC, Air Staff, the various functionals, and the operational community to determine what relevant training exists, what needs to be augmented, and what will need to be created to support the burgeoning cyber forces. In most of the cases, the existing forces such as EW and NetOps already have extensive training, but we will need to expand this to include the cyber skills which will allow us to deliver cyber capabilities which span the forces. Additionally, the Network Warfare component of cyber is almost completely new, so this training will largely need to be developed.

AF/A3 cyber force development support

CCR faculty are working with AF/A3 in support of cyber force development tasking. The second meeting with the working group (members from AF/A1, A3, XC, ACC/A3I, 8AF, and AETC) was held 17-18 May.  On 16 May, we delivered a brief to AF/A3O on current AFIT IO/Cyber courses/programs, research activities, and ideas for the future. We are also looking to get A3O to 'endorse/sponsor' curriculum and help guide future development efforts. Other attendees included A1 staffers, functional managers from 33S, 14N, and 62E career fields, A3 network warfare operations team members, A3 information operations staffers, and A1 education.