Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
ENC Seminar Series

Seminar locations vary, see local announcement for more details.


15 Nov - Benjamin Robinson (AFRL/RYAR): Detection of High-Dimensiponal Signals Using Random Matrix Theory

8 Nov - Timothy C. Havens (Michigan Tech): How to Win on Trivia Night: Sensor Fusion Beyond the Weighted Average

17 May - Christine Schubert Kabban (AFIT) : Theory and Use of Sequences of Tests for Classification Tasks

4 May - Alex Alekseenko (CSUN) - Toward Making the Kinetic Boltzmann Equation Tractable

12 Apr - Alexander Idesman (Texas Tech) - A New Accurate Numerical Approach to Wave Propagation, Structural Dynamics and Heat Transfer Problems

5 Apr - Santasari Basu (AFIT): Characterizing atmospheric turbulence over long paths using time-lapse imagery

18 Jan - Drs Mohd-Zaid and Kramer (AFRL/RHCV): Explainable Artificial Intelligence


24 Jan - Theresa Scarnati (AFRL/RY): Regularized Inversion Methods for the Enhancement of SAR data

31 Jan - Jared Culbertson (AFRL/RY): Categorical Lenses on Hybrid Dynamics

24 Apr - Dr. Aihua Wood (AFIT): Through-Wall Radar Detection Analysis via Numerical Simulations 

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