Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
ENC Seminar Series

Seminar locations vary, see local announcement or contact Dr. Fatheddin for more details.


18  Jan  - Drs Mohd-Zaid and Kramer (AFRL/RHCV): Explainable Artificial Intelligence

5 Apr  -  Santasari Basu (AFIT): Characterizing atmospheric turbulence over long paths using time-lapse imagery

12 Apr - Alexander Idesman (Texas Tech) -  A New Accurate Numerical Approach to Wave Propagation, Structural Dynamics and Heat Transfer Problems

4 May  - 
Alex Alekseenko (CSUN) - Toward Making the Kinetic Boltzmann Equation Tractable

17 May - Christine Schubert Kabban (AFIT) : Theory and Use of Sequences of Tests for Classification Tasks


7 Dec - Daniel Steeneck (AFIT) - The Phantom Inventory Menace: Estimating Demand for Substitutable Products when Inventory Records are Unreliable

30 Nov - Carl Pfeiffer (Defense Engineering Corp.) - Efficiency Limits for Small Antennas, and Generating Optical Tractor Beams Using Metasurfaces

9 Nov - Trevor Bihl (AFRL) - Current Research in Robust Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Combat Identification

2 Nov - Julienne Cabre (AFIT)  - An energy preserving scheme for the Poisson-Nernst-Plank Equation

26 Oct - Arunasalam Rahunanthan (Central State) - A Bayesian Predictive Simulation for Two Phase Flows on GPU's

13 July - Michael Siegel (NJIT)  - "Accurate computation of boundary integrals for nearly touching interfaces"

29 June - Jon Wilkening (UC Berkeley) - "Traveling-standing water waves and their stability"

18 May - David Ambrose (Drexel) - "Ill-posedness of truncated series models for water waves"

27 April - Sean Breckling (UNLV) - "Numerical and Sensitivity Analyses of Navier Stokes - α Models"

30 Mar - Alexander Alekseenko (California State - Northridge) - "Development of Efficient Discretizations of the Boltzman Kinetic Equation" 

2 Mar - Matthew Charnley (Rutgers) - "A linear sampling method for through-the-wall radar detection"

16 Feb - Xiaofan Li (Illinois Institute of Technology) - "Motion of particles in unsteady Stokes and linear viscoelastic fluids"

19 Jan - John Santerre (University of Chicago)  - "Rank Aggregation in Computational Biology"


17 Nov - Jonathan Gustafsson - "High Energy Laser Modeling and Control"

20 Oct - Matthias Heinkenschloss (Rice) -  "PDE constrained optimization with uncertain data"

1 Sept - Boris Alexeev - "Applications of the Polynomial Method"

26 Jul - Carissa Stone (Cedarville) - "Models of Nation-Building via Systems of Differential Equations"

25 May - Emily King (Universität Bremen) - "Optimal Representation Systems and Sparsity"

5 May - Charles Doering (Michigan) - "Heat rises: 100 years of Rayleigh-Bénard convection"

5 May - Katherine Batterton (AFIT)  - "Women, Combat, Statistics"

28 Apr Bengt Fornberg  (CU - Boulder)  - "Radial basis function generated finite differences (RBF-FD): New computational opportunities for solving PDEs"

14 Apr - Joseph Iverson (Oregon) - "Group Frames with several generators"

7 Apr - Antonio Ache (Princeton) - "Ricci Curvature and the manifold learning problem"

11 Feb - Dustin Mixon (AFIT)  - "A semidefinite relaxation of k-means clustering"

21 Jan - Nathaniel Hammen (AFIT) - "Stable phase retrieval using low-redundancy frames of polynomials"  


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