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Last updated: 05/05/2014

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ASAM16 - AMC Pilot Retention: A Delphi Study

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ASAM16 - Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Aircraft Parts and Tooling at the Maintenance Group Level

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ASAM16 - A Commander's First Challenge: Establishing a Pathway of Trust

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ASAM16 - Functional Mission Analysis: A Functional Approach to Mission Assurance

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ASAM16 - Evolving C2 Relationships in the Information Age

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ASAM16 - Examining TRANSCOM's Role As A Lead Enabling Agency During HA/DR Events Outside the Continguous United States

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ASAM16 - Measuring the 'Leading People' Organization Health of AMC Wings On A Non-Interference Basis

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ASAM16 - Optimizing the Continental United States Air Refueling Infrastructure

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ASAM16 - The Air Force Building Partnership Capacity Problem: Are We Engaged in the Right Partnerships?

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ASAM16 - 463L Pallet Compatibility Implications for Warfighting Capacity in the Civil Reserve Air Fleet

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ASAM16 - KC-46 Enterprise Fleet Management

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ASAM16 - Extending Service Life Through Fleet Management: A C-17 Basing Study

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ASAM16 - Point of Safe Return Minimums...How Low Can You Go?

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ASAM16 - AMLO Promotions: Perception and Reality

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ASAM16 - USAF Female Pilot Turnover Influence: A Delphi Study of Work-Home Conflict

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LOGM16 - Determining the Degree of Routinization of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the Air Logistics Complexes (ALCs)

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LOGM16 - Increased Capacity Utilizing Aggregation and Consolidation of Contingency Cargo

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LOGM16 - Factors Influencing Skill Retention in Multi-Skilled Air Force Aircraft Maintainers

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LOGM16 - An Evaluation of Forecasting Methods That Could Be Used in the Brazilian Air Force Uniform Distribution Process

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LOGM16 - Long-Term Impacts of Military Drawdown on the Industrial Base

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LOGM16 - Overhaul Facility Palnning and Control Tool Selection and Implementation Analysis

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LOGM16 - A "Big Bang" versus a "Small Bang" Approach: A Case Study of the Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) and the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Initiative (MROi)

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LOGM16 - Epidemiology, Cost, And Aircraft Choice For Aeromedical Evacuation In AFRICOM

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LOGM16 - Antecedents of Fuel Efficiency

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OR16 - A Logistic Regression and Markov Chain Model for the Prediction of Nation-State Violent Conflicts and Transitions

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OR16 - Optimizing Forecasting Methods for Intermittent USTRANSCOM Railcar Demands

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OR16 - Using Multiple Objective Decision Analysis (MODA) to Position Federal Product and Service Codes (PSCs) in the Kraljic Portfolio Matrix (KPM)

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OR16 - Modeling the Components of an Economy as a Complex Adaptive System

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OR16 - Rate Setting Analysis: A Statistical Approach to Outliers in the Rate Setting Process Within the United States Transportation Command

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OR16 - Analysis and Modeling of U.S. Army Recruiting Markets

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OR16 - Reducing Airlift Inefficiency Through Aircraft Selection Modeling

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OR16 - Analysis of Military Entry Control Point Queueing

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OR16 - Modeling an Economy's Dynamics and External Influences Through a System of Differential Equations

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OR16 - Determination of Fire Control Policies Via Approximate Dynamic Programming

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OR16 - Contingency Workload Demand Forecast Techniques for Cargo and Flying Hours

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OR16 - Heterogeneous Air Defense Battery Location: A Game Theoretic Approach

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OR16 - United States Air Force Officer Manpower Planning Problem via Approximate Dynamic Programming

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