Department of Operational Sciences

Department of Operational Sciences
Department Brochure


This brochure is intended as an introduction for new students to the Department of Operational Sciences, and to serve as a guide for students and faculty advisors in the preparation of education plans for graduate study for our doctoral, master, and certificate programs. Within the Department, this brochure is also referred to as the “Blue Book”, and includes information on the following topics:

  • Department Introduction, Programs Offered, Mission Statement, and History
  • Admission and Registration Procedures
  • General Master Degree Requirements
  • Master Degree Program Guides, Including Specialty Sequence Descriptions
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program
  • Graduate Certificate Programs
  • Faculty Listing, Including Expertise and Research Areas of Interest
  • Department Leadership and Curriculum Chairs List
  • Air Force Academic Specialty Code Correlation to Academic Programs
  • ENS Thesis Policy and Evaluation/Grade Worksheet
  • Faculty Pipeline Assignment Information
  • Term Schedules and Course Descriptions
  • AFIT Form 69’s Masters Programs Summaries

Department Brochure - 2015-2016

Department Brochure - 2014-2015