Logistics Air Mobility (ASAM) (M.S.)

Program Description

Program Description

The LOGAIR program is the formal graduate study portion of the Advanced Study in Air Mobility (ASAM) program sponsored by the US Air Expeditionary Center (AFEC) at Fort Dix, New Jersey. The goal of the ASAM program is to cultivate a core of mobility officers with an in-depth education in logistics and air mobility operations to lead the Air Mobility Command (AMC) in the future. The ASAM program consists of the degree portion, plus additional AFEC professional courses combined with trips to the joint and major commands around the globe. As such, this enhances the AFIT degree portion of the program, providing the military with a professional, degree-granting program, similar to executive management degree programs in civilian institutions. The curriculum consists of 13 required courses in the areas of transportation, logistics, quantitative decision making, research methods and organizational management. Courses are taught individually in a compressed schedule, typically two weeks in length. The program also requires a graduate research paper that examines a topic pertaining to mobility operations. Satisfactory completion of the curriculum and the graduate research paper leads to the award of a Master of Science in Logistics.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Our Program Educational Objectives (expectations two or more years beyond graduation) are to produce graduates who:

  • Breadth. Apply foundational logistics concepts and sound analytical principles to efficiently and effectively advance Air Force and DoD air mobility capabilities
  • Depth. Are well educated, highly-valued, and successful logisticians and air mobility officers
  • Professionalism. Professionally communicate technical solutions and results
  • Lifelong Learning. Continue to pursue lifelong multidisciplinary learning
Program Outcomes (POs)

Our Program Outcomes (student knowledge/skills/abilities upon graduation) produce graduates who:
• Critical thinking skills. Can critically analyze situations, information, and data
• Problem solving skills. Can formulate problem statements, ascertain and collect the relevant data, and utilize the correct methodology in order to both delineate and solve problems in the real world
• Communication skills. Can effectively communicate to peers, subordinates, and supervisors in a professional manner both orally and in writing
• Logistics specific knowledge. Have developed a thorough understanding of the logistics, mobility, and supply chain discipline as required to make strategic level managerial decisions in the logistics area

Additional Information

The program is 13 months long (four academic quarters) and involves a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to McGuire AFB, New Jersey. Classes begin each year in June, with class size limited to 16 students. Students typically come from operational and support AFSCs in the Air Force. Typical students in the ASAM program are rated or support officers with nine to thirteen years commissioned time in service (i.e., senior captains or junior majors) and have experience in mobility operations. Rated officers must be qualified in their assigned weapons systems. All applicants must possess or be eligible to obtain a top secret (TS-SSBI) clearance. Attendees are picked by a central selection board each year during the Air Force's Intermediate Developmental Education selection process. Employing a “whole person” concept, the selection board picks only the best persons for this rigorous program. All applicants must be proven leaders worthy of future consideration for command.

School and Program Admissions Criteria

MATHEMATICS REQUIRED: College Algebra with a grade of B or higher
TEST REQUIRED: GMAT – 550; or GRE - 153V/148Q
Waivers to the above criteria may be granted on a case by case basis. Therefore, individuals whose academic credentials fall below any of the above criteria are encouraged to apply.

Degree Requirements

Detailed current information on this program, including degree requirements and suggest course sequence by term, is contained in the complete Program Guide at http://www.afit.edu/ENS/

Core Courses
  • LOGM 617 – Transportation Systems and Strategic Mobility
  • LOGM 619 – Transportation Policy and Strategic Mobility
  • LOGM 621 – Air Transportation Management
  • LOGM 568 – Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • LOGM 636 – Service Operations Management
  • LOGM 634 – Reliability, Maintainability and Supportability
  • LOGM 542 – Management of Logistics Organizations
  • LOGM 601 – Principles and Methods of Research
  • LOGM 674 – Introduction to Numerical Analysis
  • OPER 501 – Quantitative Decision Making
  • IMGT 669 – Business Process Improvement
  • MATH 291 – Calculus for Engineering Managers
  • LOGM 525 – Statistics for Mobility Managers


  • LOGM 627 – Supply Chain Management
Graduate Research Paper:
  • LOGM 791 – Research Project for Mobility Managers

Admissions Requirements

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Degree Information

Degree Type: Master's

Delivery Method:

Degree Requirements

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