Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics
Associated Centers

Our department associates with four research centers: the Center for Space Research and Assurance (CSRA), the Center for Directed Energy (CDE), Technical Intelligence Studies and Research (CTISR) and Advanced Navigation Technology (ANT) Center.

  • The Center for Space Research and Assurance is focused on delivering highly-valued resilient, responsive, and reliable space capabilities to the DOD and Intelligence Community through executing cutting-edge space technology development, science, and space experiments in collaboration with government organizations to meet the challenges of tomorrow by developing the technical space cadre through world-class research and immersive hands-on graduate education.

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  • The Center for Directed Energy supports Air Force and DoD agencies in transitioning high energy lasers and high power microwaves to the battlefield through vigorous scientific and engineering research, graduate education programs, and diverse consulting activities. The CDE developed the world's most comprehensive simulation package of atmospheric effects on the propagation of HELs. Called HELEEOS, for High Energy Laser End-to-End Operational Simulation, the simulation has over 100 DoD users and can model DE weapons of current genre or those still in conception. The CDE is working on transferring the capability of HELEEOS to the analysis teams at the Air Force Research Laboratory and within the intelligence community.
  • The Center for Technical Intelligence Studies and Research (CTISR) is focused on Air Force and DoD MASINT (Measurement And Signature Intelligence) scientific, technical, and operational activities through our graduate research programs. The CTISR works with measurement and signature intelligence from technically advanced systems, a tremendous asset to combat operations. For example, a CTISR student recently deployed in support of the US Army Mortar Detection System. Using an aerostat, which contains a mortar detection sensor, the student was able to pinpoint the mortar launch location and photograph the attackers. Such real-time notification allows ground troops to quickly eliminate threat and saves lives.
  • The Advanced Navigation Technology Center is a forward-looking navigation research center seeking to identify and solve tomorrow's most challenging navigation problems. The ANT Center's goal is to develop navigation technology that ensures we can navigate anywhere at any time. Under Air Force Research Laboratory sponsorship, the ANT Center designed and built a GPS-based relative navigation system that determines cm-level relative positions between two flying aircraft. The Center also developed autonomous formation flight control algorithms and successfully flew the entire system at the USAF Test Pilot School, accomplishing the first fully autonomous precision formation flight appropriate for aerial refueling.

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