AFIT Kneeboard: STEM Review Materials

AFIT Kneeboard: STEM Review Materials
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Physics Review
Current as of: 02/04/2015

Degree Type: Distance Learning


The AFIT undergraduate physics review taught by assistant professor Robert Loper is offered as a general resource, and to prepare potential students. The physics review mini-course has two purposes. First, the course is intended as a review to bring incoming graduate physics students up to speed and prepare them for an academic environment; while some of AFIT’s incoming students are fresh out of an undergraduate curriculum, others are returning to school after a significant absence from an academic environment. Second, the course is intended as a basic introduction to electrodynamics and quantum mechanics for students who have completed bachelor’s degrees in other fields of study and have relatively little physics background; these students generally will take more advanced courses just after this course in order to prepare them for a graduate physics curriculum. This course normally is taken over a four-week period (about two weeks for electrodynamics, 1.5 weeks for quantum mechanics, ending with a capstone exercise to help put it all together) in a “flipped course” hybrid distance learning format in which the lessons (posted here) are viewed on the student’s time and then students gather in the classroom to do problems that put the lessons to work.

Measurement and Physics

Mini Math Review

Electric Fields

Gauss' Law


Electric Potential

Current and Resistance


Magnetic Fields

Sources of the Magnetic Field

Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Waves

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